3 Tips to STOP Information OVERLOAD, Reduce Stress and Get Clear Focus

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When I was first trying to get started I suffered from immense information overload, which in turn caused feelings of stress, panic and self doubt.
My head was a complete jumble, I didn't know what to do first, or which way to turn, ..... which led to "Inaction". .... and I ended up doing nothing .... for years!!

If this sounds familiar to you, then here are 3 tips which helped me Stop the feelings of information overload, stress and panic, Enabled clear thought and focus and ultimately get started in my business.

.....If this doesn't sound familiar to you, then congratulations, you are one of the lucky ones, probably doing really well and making a fortune. (In which case you probably won't be reading this )

First You have to learn to STOP before you can begin to move forward.

These THREE simple "mind shifts" or Habits have helped me no end, and I hope you find them useful.

#1. Meditate...... (Stop the "Noise", Learn to be Still, = Clear thought & Foucs! )

I Know it may sound all hippy "mumbo jumbo", but listening to and learning from some of the top guys in the industry... MOST practice some form of meditation ....... and if it's good enough for them, it's good enough for me!
I strongly urge you to give it a try. It really does help to clear the mind of all the "Overload" and allows space for clear thought and focus to enter.

#2. Exercise ..... = Less stress,... Feel Great, ...more relaxed!

In Dog Psychology, If you have a stressed or over anxious dog, It's usually the result of no, or not enough exercise.
..... More, and regular exercise = Chilled out, laid back Dog!
...... It works the same for us mere Humans. A morning (or evening) workout, swim or run = Less stress,... Feel Great, ...more relaxed!

#3. Live each Day at a time, Don't dwell on the past or "Imagined" futures. & Be mindful of your thoughts.

Don't stress or worry about things that can't be changed or you have no control over. "Let It Go"!
Be "conscious" of your thoughts without judging or acting on them. Simply be "aware"
Try to be a better "you", make everything you do, the best you can do.

Just a few things I have adopted and live by now which have really helped.... hope they do for you too.

All the best.

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    Originally Posted by steverich View Post

    a few things I have adopted and live by now which have really helped
    Steve, these are practical hints! Thanks for sharing. Another I've found useful is curiosity. Being curious about what matters to me leads me in useful directions.
    http://howtolivebiggerdreams.com/ Risk! Apply expertise, serve people's needs. Get video skills...
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    I have a pecuniary slant for raking it big.

    Add fries with that and bravo for sharing.
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  • I think meditation is great. It helps you to focus on what you are truly after, which leads to point number 3.

    Exercise also does the same thing. It clears your mind and makes you focus.
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    Read it right here
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    No need to have worries as the reality you're experiencing right now is just a perception.
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    It doesn't need to take long to meditate. You can do it for five minutes in the morning and 5-10 minutes in the afternoon after work.
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    Looks good to me! I find myself getting into these vicious cycles of knowledge acquisition. I become consumed by a topic and just dive in head first, reading, listening etc. It seems useful until a few weeks later when I realized I have "done" very little to change my current situation.

    The balance of learning and doing needs to be kept in check at all times. These hints are crucial to maintaing said balance.

    HardcoreProfit.com Coach

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    Great tips, Steve. Thanks for sharing. You might enjoy a book I recently read and highly recommend:

    The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down: Guidance on the Path to Mindfulness from a Spiritual Leader by Haemin Sunim.
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    One day at a time... so truly said. Living and giving gratitude in the "now" moment knowing that the good positive feelings from this second leads into greater things the next minute. Moment, by moment, day by day, step by step. Blessing to you for this inspiration post.
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    I've never felt that exercising has particularly helped me with regards to stress. I've always been confused by this suggestion when I've come across it elsewhere since I cannot relate to this being the case in my experience.

    However it is something which I have always done at least 3x/week for as long as I can remember, so I don't really have reference points where I was not exercising(That I can remember) to compare to...maybe that has something to do with it.

    #3, focusing on the current moment definitely helps though...

    Follow along day to day as I log my progress to a full-time online income: http://mikeiser.com

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