What is your typical daily schedule?

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    my tipical day stchudel is like to do list I prepare it every day to guide me doing things in limited time because before I find my self spending all the day doing nothing but by the previouse way I find my self getting forwared

    inshort you have to try to test the pleasure
    thanks again,
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    Typical day schedule for me is like waking up at 5 am, turn on my pc to check some mails or messages. Give myself a bath then check my to do lists for the day. Then I go with the normal routine. I make sure I finish all my tasks for the day.
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    Wake up at 8, check some Internet stuff. Get dressed and settle down to work at 9, following the most important tasks on my to-do list. I work an hour, take a 10 min break, work another hour, take a 30 minute one. Rinse and repeat until 5. Later on that night I set my most important tasks for the next day. I do, like, three-four big things a day, and focus on only the important things I want to accomplish.
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