Why working smart is not enough

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People always says that to be successful you have to Work Smart, not Work Hard.

While I do not say that the statement is wrong, I have to say that it's incomplete. There's one more important factor that should be included there: Happiness.

Let me paraphrase: "To be successfull you have to Work Happily". If you enjoy what you do, you'll put your heart and soul there. You'll invest your life, you'll automatically work smarter and harder (in a positive way) and no doubt you'll be successful.

No matter how smart you do your work if you do not enjoy it, you won't get the best result you should.

So, to be able to work happily, you can:
- do the work that you really enjoy doing, or..
- leave the job that you hate to pursue the one that you love, or...
- if you are not fortunate enough to get the job that you love, start loving it. Find little things that you like from it.

I also think that this principle can also be applied to your life. If you live your life happily, you'll get the best out of it. If you think your life is miserable, try to find things that you love and enjoy it.

There's a nice statement that I read in a book titled "Fish" that said (more or less, I forgot the exact wording): While you can't always control things that come into your life, you can control what you want to feel about them.

You can mourn about all the bad things that happened to you and live your life that way, or you can enjoy all the good things that life has given you and walk a totally different way of life.

Just my two cents.

Please share your views and opinion about this matter.
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      What you have described is called positive thinking.

      Yes, most of the time we cannot control what happens to us but we can decide that we will make the most of our situation.

      That is part 1 of the story.

      The second part to that is that each person should actively seek ways to improve their situation by going places, watching closely what others are doing, and talking about the life they wish to have.

      As you actively relate with people and seek new opportunities, you will find stuff and strategies to change some things in your life.

      Let's summarize this: Work and live happily by thinking positively.

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        I'd prefer to call it positive feeling than positive thinking. If you think positively but you didn't believe it, the thinking will only makes your condition worst.

        For example I'm thinking positively that I'll get a million dollar by the end of the month but I didn't believe that I can achieve it, the target will only gives me negative feeling and will not improve my condition.

        But if I accept my present condition and enjoying it, I'll have a positive feeling and will actually improve my condition.

        However, I totally agree with your second part: each person should definitely actively seek ways to improve their present condition.

        Thank you for sharing.
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          I don't you can call "million dollars at the end of month" as positive thinking. Positive thinking is more about making the best out of each and every situation. For example if you do a bad trade in FOREX you can sulk about it or you can think about is as a lesson learned. It could be a failed PPC campaign or anything similar as well. There is no harm in dreaming or thinking about million dollars but you have to keep realistic goals.
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            It depends on how you define success. If we're talking money then doing work you really enjoy may not result in much.

            Taking a few steps back I feel it's important to discover our CORE identity so that we're able to find our BEST abilities and then work with those...

            ...identifying how we can apply them to make money.
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    Positive thinking/feeling can definitely help you to complete a task more effectively and efficiently than otherwise. Try and do a task where you are just going through the motions of things, and not really putting any effort or your heart into what you are doing compared to putting your heart and soul into a task, and giving it everything you have.

    I do also believe it to be true that it is important to do work that we enjoy doing, because it will feel less like work, and more like something we really enjoy doing. We will probably also have a better output of work when we do something we really enjoy doing, vs something we don't really care to do.
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    Great point here. I always say that we should count our blessings and not the worries because it is the only thing that will make us realize how lucky we are.
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    Our lives a just a drop in the bucket when you look at it from larger scale so live your life the best you know how. Keep learning and seeking out training and become a master at something. Take life experiences and put a positive spin on them. Add value to someones life today, this week, next week and so on.....

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    I believe that we should ask ourselves before we start jumping in the business. Ask ourselves how strong we are to face the hardship that may come ahead. Find and learn our own weaknesses and strengths before we get tempted in a good business offer. Coz at the end of the day, we have to deal ourselves......not the business.
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    Marshall Field`s
    Twelve Priceless Qualities of Success:

    1. The value of time.
    2. The success of perseverance.
    3. The pleasure of working.
    4. The dignity of simplicity.
    5. The worth of character.
    6. The power of kindness.
    7. The influence of example.
    8. The obligation of duty.
    9. The wisdom of economy.
    10. The virtue of patience.
    11. The improvement of talent.
    12. The joy of originating."

    Think about it.
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      "Let me paraphrase: "To be successfull you have to Work Happily". If you enjoy what you do, you'll put your heart and soul there. You'll invest your life, you'll automatically work smarter and harder (in a positive way) and no doubt you'll be successful."

      I agree to this statement...for me yeah its true you must feel happy to what you work with in able to be successful, and also one thing is Satisfaction...if you are satisfied with what you have work with then you will feel the happiness so its all needed hmmm!
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    Great tips. One I agree. Work smart is not enough. You need to work happily as well. Which is why pursuing your passion is always better than working for the sake of making money. Just my 2 cent.
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