9 Lessons from a Lifetime of Failure and Success

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I've failed more than I have succeeded. I think a lot of us share that same story... Spending too much time in all the wrong places, and in the end coming up with nothing to show for it. It isn't until you have that epiphany, that life changing vision or that do or die situation that will force you to push harder than ever before.

I'm here to tell you that in Internet Marketing, as in any other part of life, there is a lesson to be learned each and every day. It doesn't take a degree or a lifetime of experience to have a good idea and put it into action. It takes the will, drive, and constitution to see that idea from conception to production.

So, be strong. Take what you learn each day and apply it to your life. Don't make those same mistakes again, blaze your own trail, and be the kind of boss you've always wanted your own boss to be. Your success, your life, depends on it. Success is just around the corner folks!

9 Lessons

Here are the rules to which I adhere every day. This is my life, it should be part of yours too.

1 - Take chances, they can lead you to a place you may never have expected to be. You may just like where you end up.

2 - Consume, enjoy, and never take for granted every moment you get to spend with those you care about. Particularly your children, they will always matter more than anything else.

3 - Push, try harder and never give up. That thing you've been working so hard to achieve could be just a few extra hours of work away.

4 - When you're feeling down, don't think of how others may have it worse off, instead think of those who love and care about you unconditionally. In the end, happiness will always remain.

5 - Set goals, reach them, and then set some more. Hard work rewards those who don't walk at the bell, it rewards those who understand that their job or pursuit is a gift and not a given.

6 - Do something that will change someone else's life. It could cost money you may never see again, but in the end, why should a little money (or time, effort, distance, etc) ever stand in the way of someone living their dream or changing someone's life.

7 - Live your dreams! Picture what it is that makes you truly happy, with work, personal life, health, passions, etc and make the moves to live your dreams.

8 - Be the best you that you can be. Someone may very well look up to you and you don't even know it. So wear that tie, speak your mind, shake those hands, and smile always. You never know who may see it and learn something from your actions.

9 - Finally Enjoy your life. Don't let anyone tell you differently. Go travel, try new foods and experience new things, because you'll regret it if you don't. Life is way too short not to find a way, so go ahead and find your own way, make your own trail and lead the pack.

I wrote these just as the ball was dropping, leading us from 2015 into 2016. It can apply to pretty much everyone, everywhere, and for any pursuit in life.
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    Thank you, I really enjoyed reading these. It makes me enjoy pushing harder to succeed.
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    I loved your 'Live by your dreams' part. People always tend to go for making money. They forget usually about their passion and fail in the line of work.
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    I really apprecialte your this blog. Very intersting and i like to read this. Success is the important part of life for growth.
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    If you didn't failed then you didn't try new things, take risks or push harder.

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    Thank you for these lessons..Actually most of the time we need someone who can share his/her experience so that we can get success..So you've done that!
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  • As someone new to this forum, it helps me understand the struggle with IM and it's steap learning curve.
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    I would like to add, thank the above for what you already have (be grateful), dance everyday (good exercise and releases dopamines), watch or read something motivating everyday, (get the spirit moving), do a good turn everyday (why not I prefer to give rather than receive). Lastly, found it wise not to share your dreams with friends and family,
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    Joy, Love and Faith. Its our most powerful energy.
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    Thanks for these nine pointers - I often find that #3 - pushing and trying harder take real commitment and discipline - which are necessary traits for success.
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    Thanks. Its great advice. #1 is where I often fail. Playing it safe never got anyone where they wanted to go. Great reminder.
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    Thanks for your post. Inspiring! Printed and pinned it to my dashboard. Will keep me better motivated through hard times.
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  • Thank you for this short article. It is a good read. Impossible means "I am Possible!"
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    Excellent pointers! Number 5 is definitely my biggest weakness.
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    Thanks for this you've given some very good tips to live by, sometimes it can be easy to feel like giving up when you don't succeed the first time but it's important to always keep pushing on then goals will always be reached eventually.
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    Good stuff! To the journey!
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    Love it...#9 hit home for me. Thank you.

    Brian B.

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    Well you know they say failure is just a way of finding out what doesn't work. Point nine is so true - we are meant to enjoy our lives. Thank you for sharing.
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    My weak point is No.5! I really appreciate this useful article of yours. Great!
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    I adhere to most of what you say. Good advice though.
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    Very good advice. I as others loved the "Live Your Dreams" portion. The Aerosmith lyrics from "Dream On" are on my wall next to my computer.
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    Thanks mate, some motivational post. I like your tag Mind Warriors, because i recently become one. I am still fresh, but I am working on my Mind powers every day!!!
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    The more you try the more you fly, the more you fail - the more you succeed
    Want to double your success? double your failures
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    Awesome formula for happy days, great post truly. I love #1 & #9! never let anybody define you, I've always thought that was ludicrous when someone tries that. It's such a massive mind shift when you truly realize that what other people try to define you as has absolutely 0 effect on you, it all depends on how you define yourself. GREAT post
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    Good posts. If it's okay, I'd like to add on to a couple of items. Number 3 (working hard) is a great concept, especially for someone starting out -- but, as with so many things in life, there is a paradox (paradigm shift) here. It's actually possible to set up environments and support structures so that you don't have to work as hard. Once mastered, those things that used to be hard become easy and almost effortless. So -- be aware of the paradox and don't get stuck pushing hard for too long. Figure out how to start making things easier as you go.

    Number 5 - goals are awesome - but again, a bit of a paradox. Goals are future based and people tend to get stuck in the future. You really need to be focused in the present moment -- working on things that lead to your desired future. So, create the goal and reverse engineer it -- then focus all of your attention in the present moment moving in the direction you've chosen.
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