limits and elephant pegs

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I am pretty sure if you read or listen to any motivation stuff you here about how a big elephant was condition as a baby so that when its an adult it can be kept in place with a small peg and a rope around it's leg .

for the most part it never get explained how this then works in human being ..and effects their views of their limits .

forget the idea of being limitless you became human to play the game of mastering limits .unfortunately most of your perceived limits .may have been real when you where 6 years old, 10, 14 , 20 .

the world we live in today is producing thing to enhance or improve productivity as such a rapid speed that only gets faster each and every day ..that many limits you has 2 years ago are probably not valid any more ..

human beings also tend to have a buffer zone with there limits so they never really test a limit ..

many of your worst limits or limiting beliefs are around money ..

which at one point there was a limit on money when it was based of gold or precious is currency that printed paper in your pocket .. most people don't grasp the difference and many other experts flip out and buy gold or bitcoin because there is a limited amount..

accept now there are many new emerging crypto currencies so the value of bitcoins is starting to drop .

anyway..most of your limits are probably set no where near where your true limits are .
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    The mention of a buffer zone when determines personal limits is a salient one. The lowered expectations we place on ourselves is often the chief impediment to success.
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    That's why leaving your comfort zone can help in finding out where your limits really are...
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    We need to remember that we can do anything. We just need to be disciplined, focus on the objective and work hard. We will get there.
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