Arnold Schwarzenegger's Story is Truly Inspirational and Motivational

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A lot of people talk about Tony Robbins when asked who their greatest motivational teacher is. I'm a Tony Robbins fan like most people. But when it comes to showing people over and over and over again how to achieve success despite the naysayers and obstacles in his way, I would say Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of my top sources of inspiration. Here are two "Arnold" YouTube videos that I watch from time to time:

This first one is a short film about the first of many goals he set his mind to achieving despite several naysayers all around him: his family, his friends, basically everyone around him. As we all know, he wanted to be a body builder. But this wasn't a recognized sport in Austria, so everyone around him teased him and taunted him about it. He had absolutely no support from anyone close to him, and yet he kept his mind focused on his goal and went on to win his first competition despite several major obstacles. After he won that competition, people finally started taking him seriously and showing him their support.

This second video is one of Arnold's longer, more detailed biographical speeches about his success through the years. He talks a bit about that first childhood experience, but he goes into even more detail about how he was again teased and ridiculed by people in the movie industry when he first told them he wanted to become an actor. And the same thing happened again when he announced he wanted to run for Governor of California.

I'm fascinated by this man's ability to maintain his focus and belief in himself despite all the odds he had against him and all the naysayers he came across along the way. I'm even more amazed by his ability to achieve the seemingly impossible goals he sets for himself.

If you haven't had the chance to read his biography from 2012, Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story by Arnold Schwarzenegger, then I highly recommend you pick up a copy and read it. It shows just how many years it took him to achieve success as an actor--the amount of time and effort expended between his very first small acting role to when he finally got his break in Conan the Barbarian. I think it was something like 11 years before he got the part, and another 2 years before filming finished and the movie was produced. That's a LONG time to stay focused on a goal and maintain belief in oneself despite all the obstacles along the way. But he stayed true to his vision and his goals through all of it--for YEARS! And look at all he's accomplished because of that. I think he's absolutely amazing.
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    Arnold is amazing and you are absolutely correct in identifying him as a true success story. Can you imagine the accomplishments he conquered and the dedication and self belief he had to achieve even as an Austrian who had to come to America to pursue his dreams...amazing and a great share!
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    Arnold is a classic immigrant success story. He had to overcome an odd name and an Austrian accent to make it in Hollywood.
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    arnold had to go awol to even be in the first one he won..and got punished untill the press made it look good for hit officers

    he was a millionaire before he became a movie star because he had a business building walls and invested the money in real estate ..
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    I have heard his story many times through many motivational books and speeches but not got a chance to watch in youtbue.

    His story is great, inspirational and motivational.

    If you check your post please check that the second video is removed, it's not owrking.

    Thanks for sharing.
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    I agree with you.

    As a matter of fact one of my favorite motivational sayings is from Arnold.

    He was competing in the Mr. Olympia and has father died. His mother told him he needed to come back home.

    He said: "I'm sorry mother, but, I must be here now."

    He apply that mentally. When you're doing something, be here now. Be present in the moment of what you're doing.
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    Here's another great Arnold video about the power of visualization:
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    the fact Arnold was a millionaire before the movies and before there was any money in body building ..made money in a masonry business building walls ..employed other body builder willing to work out in the sun to make money and get tans..also had a good cop bad cop sales presentation with his partner.. then took the profits from that and invested it in real estate
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    Arnold and Tony are 2 inspirations to me. I have been a huge Arnold fan since my bodybuilding days, and I learned So much more about Tony when I lived in Savusavu, Fiji, for 4 months, where he had his famous Namale Resort. Both are fabulous human beings whom I admire.
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    Arnold is the best bodybuilder in the world and to nice person
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    I agree that he's one of the best success stories of our time!
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