My Favourite Hustler: Joseph Ades

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The Peeler Man, was a legendary street seller of the trusty potato peeler in New York and he hustled like hell.. How much of a hustle? Over $1 million worth of peeler hustle.

Epic value proposition on the close:

"You can buy one for $5, two for $10 and if you buy 4 for $20 - I'll give you one for free. Now why do you need 5 peelers if it lasts a lifetime? Because you have four friends. And they'll think of you every time they pick it up."
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    Dude, I watched the video and I was shocked to find out this peeler man became a millionaire!
    (Honestly, I didn't know at first what "hustling means" and I googled it like 3 times)

    Looking from the way he sells the peelers, I noticed it is not through his play of words that caught the attention of the buyers. It his through his skills and knowledge of the product he sells.

    If I will be the one to stand next to him and I was in New York (nobody wants to stand idly in New York, everybody's on a rush), I wouldn't even buy that pathetic peeler 'coz I've got sharp knives in my kitchen and I've got a work to go to. But no, I saw how he effortlessly stripped those potato skins away like he was just separating shrimp fibers!!!

    Mr. Peeler Man sold me right then and there because I saw that he knows what he is talking about --- and most importantly, I witnessed how it would make my day at ease, in this fast-moving society.
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    He is an interesting dude for sure, a study in the power of passion.
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