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Let's face it...

Everyone struggles. You struggle, I struggle, we ALL struggle.

When I first started my online entrepreneurial journey 3 years ago, I had dropped out of college my last semester and the only thing I could think about was building a successful online business that would sustain a comfortable lifestyle for myself, and for my loved ones.

I wasn't interested in making millions, I was just interested in surviving and living comfortably.

Two years later, I had built an online business that was making multiple 5-figures every month, and the income came in mostly on autopilot.

That gave me the ability to settle down in a very comfortable house and travel whenever I wanted, for however long I wanted (which I did with my partner).

I was also able to repay my parents a good chunk of what they had invested into my college education, which was something I have always felt like I needed to do.

I was, by my own definition, "successful".

And yet, it didn't take long before life got stale...

Before I had any success, I would wake up every day fired up, and I would be able to sustain my focus for almost the entire day, right until I went to sleep.

I worked insanely hard, but it never phased me and it never felt like I was working because I wanted the end result so damn badly I could taste it every, single, day.

My sense of purpose was completely focused and singular.

But once I had "succeeded", things changed.

Getting out of bed became difficult...

Traveling no longer excited me...

Looking at my business felt like painful work I didn't want to do.

Living the lifestyle I had worked so hard to create, had bizarrely, turned into a chore!

But why? Why did things change? Where did my drive go? Where did my sense of purpose go?

It took me awhile to figure this out...

But as paradoxical as this may sound, it was because I was no longer struggling!

The question was never, "How do I stop struggling?"...

The question was always, "Why should I keep struggling?"

The moment I realized that, I knew what I needed to do.

I needed to set bigger goals...

Instead of building my business just for money, I committed myself to building something that transformed lives, something that was bigger than myself.

Instead of just paying my parents back, I committed to helping them retire for life so they would never have to work again.

Instead of providing my partner with a comfortable lifestyle, I committed to giving her an extraordinary life.

Once I made those commitments, my fire returned.

I immediately sold my existing business and dedicated all my attention into building a new business that meant something to me.

I got my partner her dream dog (a Chow Chow, a rare breed that is very difficult to acquire in the Netherlands where I currently live). We are actually be leaving for Poland in 2 days where we will stay for 1 month with our new puppy so I am pretty excited for that.

But, the point here is that I am now able to continue to push myself every single day with little to no mental effort. I no longer have to "fight" myself internally to do things.

And the secret to this is not to AVOID the struggle...

It's about how do you EMBRACE the struggle?

So, now that you know that...

My question to you is, WHY do you struggle?

WHAT makes you tick?

WHO do you want to serve?

To protect?

To empower?
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    Hmmm, eventhough a little self promotion is evident here, it is still an interesting story.

    True, l am at the hard work phaze at the moment, and will be able to semi retire next year, (or put in a day or two, a week to maintain income levels).

    And will be in the top income bracket in the next few years.

    But l didn't pull that off in 2 years like you did, it took me about 9 years to figure it out, but l am doing graphics which is a lot tougher to figure out.

    But there is comfortable struggling and uncomfortable struggling.

    Uncomfortable struggling is failing, while broke, but still trying.

    Comfortable struggling, is having plenty of money, and plenty of time, and struggling with a hobby or project.

    As for making millions, probably, l have struggled financially for a long time, so wouldn't mind to go on a US holiday and blow 15k on a 5 star plane journey, but only if that money was replaced by the time l returned.

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    I would trade the word "struggle" with "improve". So the title would be "Why do you improve?" To me, that's an easier question to tackle. My answer: Because what else is there?

    We can never reach perfection but we sure can find boatloads of improvement. That's one reason life is so exciting; we can choose. Choice is empowering and it depends on us how we move forward, get stuck in limbo, or deteriorate into the shallows of victimhood. Here's a great quote from John C. Maxwell I came across the other day which applies here: "Great takes time. That's why so many end up settling for good. It's why so many hover around average."
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    Why do we fall?
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    Struggle is basic need which keeps the flow and energy consistent,People start as a working era than as worker and ends up as manager, this only happens because of struggle, For each and every struggle there is always a aim or a goal which an individual believes to complete it up and become satisfied. But as you know we Indians never get satisfied with our work as we love more advance and something extra from others.

    So Basic Struggle keeps on going till the point you didn't get satisfied.
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    The moment you find a bigger reason than money, is where you will always have the motivation to keep building or making your business stronger.

    Many people who struggle in anything their WHY is not big enough, the reason behind what they are doing is small and it doesn't pull them to do more.

    When you do something that involves helping other people, is when you don't feel like struggling at all.

    By doing something that makes your life and other people's life better, you'll never feel the struggle again because the struggle is eliminated by the bigger purpose.
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  • This is pretty interesting conversation here. Although, I am not here to answer your questions, I share my gratitude for allowing me to find my ongoing journey that you went through some time back.

    You've written "building a successful online business that would sustain a comfortable lifestyle for myself, and for my loved ones."

    I'm on this boat right now!
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