Make Money Online - The unreachable goal?

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Hi all,

When I initially made the decision to try and gain an extra income online most of my friends thought I'd gone crazy. A lot of them said the same thing to me.

"You're never do it. The only people earning money are those at the top."

That was it - end of discussion. There argument was based on the 'unarguable' fact that success online was completely unattainable because I was not at the top.

This really confused and rankled me equally. On the one hand I believe them to be correct - those that are pulling down the big incomes are the so-called gurus, the ones 'at the top'. But is getting to the top such an unattainable goal.

I pondered this for several months and then I stumbled across a free report that described to me the power of leverage, not only that but it suggested 'tricks' that anyone can use to get more leverage. This was a glaringly bright light bulb moment for me.

My question is this: what things have people said to you to try and dissuade you from making an income online? And what action did you take to convince yourself they were wrong?

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    I've been working on different projects for a couple years now. I used to make some money with ebay for a while, and that was going good, but I didn't keep up with their policy change. When things slowed down, I actually stopped for a long time.

    After I had busted my brain at school and work so hard for 2 years, I decided to quit going to school because I'd never attain my goals as a successful entrepreneur if I was constantly held back by work and school. Don't get me wrong, I love to study, but not always in the school setting.

    So anyway, I've been working on a few of my own products, some how the wind has caused me to change directions more than a few times, and I have a few products already written that are nearly ready to launch.

    Whatever the cause that changed my direction, whether I suddenly believed that what I was doing wasn't going to work, or if I just thought it wasn't a good idea in the end... I don't know. So now, I've got some friends and family telling me to stop wasting my time, but I'm almost finished launching my 10 video series about making money as an affiliate that I want to share with all my friends, then they'll understand what I'm talking about and why I'm so stoked!

    Besides that, the only thing that keeps me going is my life-long friend, now known as "the Rich Boy" who has found success, traveled across the globe and back while cashing in from the internet.
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    i am working for a private company here at my region.. the pay is good but it can never compensate for the rising costs of consumer goods, so i tried to search the net for any secondary sources of income.. i have found many though and have been applying the things i learned but it will still take me a lot more of learning and patience to be at the top of the online earning game..
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    Sometimes it's just plain tough to make money online. There could be a hundred valid reasons why it's not happening - aggressive competitors, the economy, ornery customers. Or, the problem could be of your own making.

    It doesn't much matter though when your goals seem unreachable and you don't have a clue how to achieve them. Stuck is stuck. If you knew what to do, you'd have already taken action.

    So, if you're in a rut, what can you do? Or, if you have an audacious goal, how can you get there?

    The Answer: ASK, "How Can I ...?"

    This is the start of a simple, but powerful question that unlocks your thinking and enables you to see fresh perspectives where none existed before.
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    Making money online, we're up against our own theory that there's something out there that will bring in conversions in an instant and the guy who's offering to show you how. The 'Very system that he's using to make a bucket load of money in quick time" or similar.

    So the carrots always there in front of us. Often the products are free too, so why not have a read of them? Soon it becomes an obsessive hobby more than a viable alternative.
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    Honestly, I think most people (who try to disuade you) are very uneducated about marketing, business or the internet.

    I dont like to bash public schools, but I think the influences you get in school contribute to thinking that you're crazy, deluded, it cant work. When you read really good marketing material (by like dan kennedy, j abraham, halbert, or any other guru), you realize how little you learned in school. About business, people, anything. I think online marketing (online business) is another world people don't really understand.

    -What action did you take to convince yourself they were wrong?

    Read about inspiring entrepreneurs or gurus. One of my favorites is Jay Abraham. I learned about him from a Tony Robbins interview. Would never have heard of him otherwise.

    He does these expensive seminars. He has two mass market books out (on amazon). Both 5 stars, highly rated. How did he get like that? Dive into his material and work backwards.

    -Realize that most people can't sell *anything*. Reading books by big gurus is so high up, it can be intimidating. Keep taking apart different concepts and work backwards. Any guru got there step by step.
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      As an example, lately I've been going through Jay's book "Stealth Marketing" line by line. I've had it in pdf form for a few years now. I've "sort of" read it, but not really. But this summer/fall, I've been going back over some of his material.

      Its funny when you re-read things, certain parts just jump out at you. Like having an awakening. The critics (that think internet marketing is crazy) never get to that awakening. That's why they're still critics

      But new insights are very powerful, they take you to a new level.

      This morning I re-read it, and a certain section just jumped out at me. Question #98, how can I guarantee my success?

      *Single mindedly work a simple idea to it's fullest potential*

      He says most people are like impatient grasshoppers, jumping from idea to idea. But real super achievers spend the time and attention necessary to fully perfect and optimize all the avenues of sustainable profit which that one idea holds. And only *after* they've ensured that concept A is an ongoing and permanent part of their marketing, do they move onto concept B, and so on.

      Theres tons of different books, gurus, methods. But nobody really does that. To me, thats a powerful concept. To single mindedly work a simple idea to its fullest potential. Whatever jumps out at you, or gets your attention. But the key is to just keep moving forward.
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    The thing is that whether we are aware or not but everyone of us has built his/her own universe. We live in it and we obey all the laws that we have brought into it.
    I can't remember exactly the story but in brief there was such a case some years ago:
    A group of scientists found a tribe somewhere in Amazon jungle. These aborigines happened to live so isolated they never saw any foreigner besides neighbour tribes.
    During the work on studying these people and their lifestyle the scientists were often disturbed by the roar of planes flying over their heads - a transnational airline was just across the valley the tribe lived in and two times a day a jet plane flew over them.
    But several weeks later they suddenly realized that NO ONE of the aborigines noticed those planes. They just didn't exist for them, for them it was so impossible that anything besides birds could fly that they wiped out any impressions they got from the planes...
    The same thing happens to all of us all the time. In our own universe there are things obligatory, possible and "impossible". If we encounter something we do not allow to exist in our universe, we simply do not notice it: "it cannot be because it can never be". Some people feel much more than others, they feel different kinds of energy, they can interact with these energies. Are they different? Exceptional? "Super"? "X-men"?
    No, they just happened to build their own universe the way that such things are allowed in it. If your family or friends tell you that making money online is impossible because of this or that or... blah, blah, blah... - it simply shows that their universe does not allow making money online. And if you finally make a success and climb to the top and become one of gurus, they still will be assured that making money online is impossible... for them.
    So just remember: you and only you build your own world, your own universe with all the laws in it. In your own universe there is nothing impossible... if you want it... if you allow it... if you stick to it.
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      Actually few years ago when i decided to start the online work i didnt listen to any comments about this issue , i just started it and then i informed my friends with the updates.

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    Remember you will always have tons more people who try to discourage you than those who will encourage you. Most of the time you have to remember what it is you are trying to accomplish and why, and if those reasons are strong enough encourage yourself and keep on working until you succeed. You will.
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    I looked online and even though there were scams and other stuff going on I was sold that you can make money online. I remembered that pursuit of happiness clip. Don't let anyone tell you, you can't do something. People can't do something and they want to tell you, you can't do it. Go and get what you want.

    Does internet marketing seem to hard? Click here and you will see how much you learn.

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    In my opinion no one fail in internet marketing, they just too fast to quick. Well it is true. you need to understand what really important in internet marketing. my suggestion is just keep doing it, keep promoting, keep adding content. You will not see the result at first.
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