Remove the word CAN'T from your Vocabulary

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Many people get paralyzed by the words they say to them self.
The word Can't is one of the poisoners words that many people use & not even aware that, by using it they are killing their dreams.

The moment you say i Can't, you just gave yourself a red light.
Often time the word can't is used based on fear.

I can't afford it, i can't do it and whatever you say you can't,
The moment you say you cant, your brain stop working.

Your brain become blank because you tolled it that you can't, is impossible.

When you say something you should be aware of choosing the words you use.
Never use i can't when you say something, delete it from your vocabulary.

What happens when you only say i Can is truly amazing,
Good thing start to happen to you.

Whatever you do or say, you should always YES I CAN!

When you say i can, your mind opens up to come up with new solutions and new ideas.
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    What if I can't? lol

    Sorry, couldn't resist.

    Great post though.

    BTW, check your thread title, you mispelled "Vocabulary." Hate to have people ignore your message over a little typo.
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    I've always said; the real meaning of the word can't is 'don't want to bad enough'.
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    Makes me think of a quote by Henry Ford: "Whether you think you can or or think you can't, you're right."

    I agree that words are incredibly important because they shape how we think and how we express ourselves. They influence our perceptions, biases, thoughts, and arguments. Words enhance (or weaken) our ability to communicate with and influence others. They also weigh in heavily on our self-confidence and inner conversation.
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    This is a good input. People need this especially those who have been through a lot of failures and seem so have reached a dead end where they're afraid to move because it will create another failure. Everybody has felt this one way or another but not all have succeeded. Others have been consumed by negativism that they can't say I CAN anymore. It would take a whole lot of unlearning to do for them to overcome that.
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    replace it with; all i need is 'u'
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    LOL @mrjackpowers....

    But yea definetly, always staying positive makes all the difference

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    Rather than say I CAN'T, say I WILL and if that still doesn't work, say I'LL TRY
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    Eliminating this word is so important especially when you are trying to build an online business. It's not only about removing the word but the mindset. Try to approach everything you do online with a "Can Do" mindset, and you'll be surprised to see the things in your life turn around.
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