Work HARDER Now & Then Work SMART?

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I always here people say Working Hard is the secret to success.

But is it really Hard work that makes you successful?

According to me the answer for that is Yes and No.
Why do i say that? is because you can work hard on the wrong thing,

Or you can put more hours on a task that you don't know what you're doing &
still not achieving anything.

But if you put more effort doing the right stuff, is when the hard work pays off.
On the other hand working smart, comes from working hard at first( if you work on the right things)

If you find the right things to work on, & do those things right...
...You are on the right path to find SMART ways to do great things.

At the beginning hard work is required to get get things off the ground.
And then when things are working accordingly, is when you implement
the working smart.

You work hard first to kick start your venture and then you can work smart.
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    a lot of people work hard and still end up homeles or broke ..Many people try to work to smart and end up failing as well ..

    failing miserably once or twice might be the most important factor for most people success .. because it pushes you to do work that matters ..

    hard or smart you have to work
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      Originally Posted by Odahh View Post

      do work that matters ..

      hard or smart you have to work
      You're right! Life is complicated. Doing work that matters is part of making a difference. Working at it with effort over time - and learning as you go! - is also necessary.
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    You need to have a goal to shoot for otherwise you won't know why you are working or you will waste your time. You also have to have a passion for what you are doing so that you will continue working at it even though you are losing money. The people that gave up or never even started are the ones that failed not the ones who continuce to pursue their dreams.
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    Why not both? I think either one is not enough... and then you still need some luck. But when the luck finally comes you will know what to do with it...
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    Great post and well said. I agree. Hard work pays.

    It really does and even better than talent when talent doesn't work hard.

    Of course you should always do your best to work smarter. But always work hard no matter what.

    This is what I have learned after a long time of only trying to work smart and never really hard. Just make sure you actually love what you are building so hard work becomes easy.

    Just my 2cents.

    Thanks for the value!
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    look i have been awake 3o hours so this might make sense ..

    because of rapidly advancing tech much that used to be hard work is no easily done by automated equipment and so much of what used to be smart work is done by computer programs .. hell for the most part the stock market and the currency exchanges have been handed over to computer trading .

    so the work hard or smart argument is crap ..

    today in 2017 ..and going into the future ..your level of success will depend on how you incorporate advancing tech in your life to be more productive, more profitable and more pleasurable .

    as Gary Vee tend to point out when he is sitting with some face to face in an interview ..10 or 15 years ago you would have needed a half million dollers in equipment and a studio film and edit such a video ..and another 500,000 to distribute it to as many people as possible ..

    now you film it with a few thousand in equipment edit on a 2 thousand dollar mac and plop it on you tube ..

    today you can't tell how successful someone is by he car they drive..many opt not to own a car and just use uber ..
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    I'm new here but I agree 100%. I know so many people who sit down and say "it's not about working hard, but working smart!" and then end up not accomplishing anything.

    There is a tipping point as to when people can kind of relax but if you are just starting your own business or something like that and have zero dollars in the bank, sitting down and "working smart" isn't going to do anything other than get you an eviction notice!

    Now that's not to say it's impossible to do things, but for me, I cannot tell you how many people I've seen fall into that trap. The worst part of it is that while it is true that 90% of success is showing up, these guys will never get it because they're putting the cart before the horse.
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    work hard in the beginning to work easy in the end

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    it's not about how you start, it's about how you finish

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  • My belief is

    Working hard comes from necessity
    Working smart comes from experience
    Meaningful work comes from reflection
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    Work hard where you need to and work smart where you need to. Just try to know when to do which
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    None of the GOOD books about becoming successful talk about hard work in the way modern society portrays it. Modern society says, hard work is equivalent to putting in long hours, which simply isn't true.

    I agree with you....
    If you find the right things to work on, & do those things right...
    The key to happiness, joy, working less, making more and living a truly unique life is to find your calling/passion/purpose. If you find that, you'll get up earlier because you want to, not because you have to. You'll focus on work better because you love it, not because it's on your to-do list. You'll become happier and more joyful because work will be fun, not work.

    Find your calling/passion/purpose and hard work becomes smart work because you're fulfilling your life's mission. If you make it about money, however, you'll remain lost until money no longer becomes your measuring stick for success.
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    I agree with OP on this...You need to work HARD AF to get it going...You will learn what you need to in order to evolve that the hard work in smart hard work...
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    I think you hit the nail on the head - working hard leads to working smart.

    It's like compound interest; at first progress seems slow but over time things seem to speed up until they're rocketing away.

    But there are probably a lot of people out there who work hard and don't get anywhere. Why? Possibly because working hard without reward can be soul destroying and they didn't get to the stage where they could see their idea taking off.

    The only way to find out is to start working and stick at it.
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    is manual labour a mexican bandit?
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    work smarter not harder was the marketing message to get a generation of people to go to college ..and as i said 2 months ago it is basically crap ..

    there re some thing you need to learn the may be real real hard for you to learn .. but putting in the hard work to learn them will make you smarter .. and if you are intelligent enough to begin with to put the effort into learning skill that are valuable ..again more being smart .. but still melding the two together .

    you can walk down to a lake and get how ever much water you can carry and bring it back to your residence .. like 2 billion or more people in this world have to fetch their water and many time it is real nasty sources can build a pump that pumps water from the lake.. a much more expensive shrt term time and money investment .. or drill/dig a well .. and bucket the water you need from the well.. or pump water from the well to your house ..

    or lets use this one .. you can earn the money .. to buy a coffee and breakfast sandwich every day.. let say you are not cheap .. and it is 7 dollars a day .. for the 1 egg sandwich and the large cup of coffee.

    or you can a fraction of the money brewing the coffee at home and cooking your breakfast.. and most likely spend less time you learn how ..

    it takes hard work to get smarter .. so you don't have to work as hard ..
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