How to NEVER procrastinate again

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How to overcome procrastination

They say *"procrastination is the thief of time"*, and we know that our time might just be the most precious resource we have in our life (you can't get that shit back!). So when you procrastinate you are literally wasting your life. Procrastination is a habit however and all habits can be removed given the right tools. So here are 5 tips that you can use to remove procrastination from your life.

1. Motivate yourself to start for 5 minutes

Often when we procrastinate it is just because of the initial inertia of starting. Our brain having created negative associations with the task will do anything to stop us from starting. The brain loves to take the path of least resistance, so you need to trick it by convincing yourself to start for 5 minutes. Once started it is much easier to keep going, this tip will fix 50% of peoples issues with procrastination.

2. Chunk it down

We often make the task huge and daunting in our minds. Chunk that shit down, make it small and manageable. The smaller the task is the more manageable it is for the brain. Small tasks are easy for us to comply with.
For example:

•If you need to write a report, start by working on just the introduction

•If you need to do your math homework, just focus on doing the first question

•If you are editing a youtube video, just focus on recording the audio first

Small is manageable, and what's manageable gets done.

3. Check your thoughts

Change your thoughts from thinking about the negatives of the task to the positives of the consequences of its completion. We often procrastinate because of the mental dialogue in our heads "I don't wanna", "this shits so boring". Change your thoughts to focusing on the potential results of your success. Focus on the upside which might be

•Getting one step closer to your goals

•Possible job promotion if you do it right

•Youtube video could go viral

•High Distinction for doing all your work

Your thoughts are often what impede action, change them to propel your action.

4. Change your environment

Make everything you need for you to do the work available for you. If you need to do some work get you laptop on the desk and clear the room from distractions. If you need to read a book get it within eye shot.
If you need to go for a run, have the running shoes next to your bed. Make it stupidly easy for you to do the work by changing your environment.

5. Reward yourself

Have a reward for yourself that you will give to yourself only after completing the task. Human beings are influenced by incentives. What are yours? This will keep you motivated whilst doing the work to complete it.
Anyway guys if you use these five tips I doubt that you will have procrastination as a habit.
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    Some good information and tips.

    Whenever I read a title with absolutes in it like "Never," "Always," "100%," "forever," etc, I can't help but think of someone trying to sell me a magic pill that fixes every life problem, simplifies all challenges, and washes my car for me. Absolute statements are like perfection; they don't exist or very rarely exist. However, boatloads of improvement do exist. I find improvement more exciting because there is no maximum. We can keep kicking butt and improving as long as we live.
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    Bookmarking this post, I'll read it later.
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    Sorry, but if l read all of that then l will be procrastinating.

    Now, back to outsourcing kitten juggling for newbies videos.

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    Great post! We have lost so much precious time to procrastination, and continue to do so everyday. Imagine how far humanity would be if it did not exist lol.
    UPDATE: We are now on 1,900 daily website visits in month 5. Here are the strategies that we've been using to scale (Free access). Let's grow together.
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    so many post about procrastination .. lots of good tips i will use eventually..

    how much you procrastinate determines your level of success ..

    if you are procrastinating regularly then you are comfortable with where you are .. so maybe you ahould look around at your life and say i am happy with this i should stop complaining.

    I am highly compulsive ..and up to this point i have not found that thing i am compeelled to do that make money .. i would also never touch hard drugs as i would probably get addicted and od withing a few weeks of trying .

    you do not have to love what you do.. but it does have to regularly provide a dopamine response ..and ignite your pasions and compulsions ..then procrastination won't be in your vocabulary ..

    i would drink while i worked i kept the reciepts to tell how far apart i was buying each beer ..last couple months i have been putting off stopping drinking .. but two weeks ago i through the reciets in the same spot for a few week.. and looked through and reliezed how much i have been spending .. and decided to stop..last monday was slow as f.. so i went to get another beer ..first sip of the type of beer i have been drinking almost every day for the last year ..tasted horribly disgusting .. so i gave the beer to a homeless guy .. and have had no urge to drink sence .

    maybe in a few months when it not 110 degrees out a few days a week ..

    people procrastinate for three basic reason ,

    they either do not want to know or expect a bad outcome

    they believe they will do a crappy job no matter if they do it early or wait untill the last minute

    or they dont fn care either way and they are being motivated to do it by some outside source
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    i will have to think about that
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    This post hits on some excellent points. The point about chunking down is a good one. By chunking down, I'm able to handle my bigger tasks without feeling overwhelmed.

    Another thing I've started doing and it's been working well for a while now is planning each hour of my day. What this does is that it frees up my mind to work on other important things.

    Anyway, thank you for the information shared in this post.
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