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As an Internet marketer, what is your main focus?

Do you mainly focus on marketing your products or services?

Do you mainly focus on making sales?

Do you mainly focus on taking your prospects and clients through the transaction process and giving them their desired results that they want.

I usually focus on the last one, the transition process and it brings more sales and increases marketing efforts.

What do you focus on?
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    In the beginning, it's all about knowing my market, knowing the emotional mindset of my customer and what transformations they really want in their lives and WHY...everything (product, marketing, funnel, support, etc...) is based on this understanding

    Next, it's all about finding/designing a product that works to help transition my prospect from where they are today to where they want to be.

    Then comes the sales funnel/sales pages/web pages and system for selling...

    Finally, massive action on marketing - driving leads to the sales funnel and from there it is a matter of measuring. tweaking and optimizing

    Actually one step beyond on all of this...SCALING...building systems so I can have one of my contractors or hired guns manage that particular niche/product mix...this is the stage I am now as we scale bigger.
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    Originally Posted by Internet Trillionaire View Post

    Do you mainly focus on marketing your products or services?

    Really, isn't everything we do just a step or element in the marketing process? Everything needs some amount of focus but all steps in the business execution process don't take an equal amount of time. So you focus and work on one thing, then the next, then the next . . . giving all your focus on the task at hand.

    The priorities and amount of time necessary for each step can change over time. As you learn to automate and your business matures, some things take less time and effort. But still, you must focus on everything you do until that step is accomplished for the day or week or whatever time it takes. Then you move on and focus on the next priority.


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    All the steps listed above are important.

    However I focus mostly on creating 'targeted' traffic...the blood of my business.

    Without traffic, we wont have leads or prospects to focus on.
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  • The main thing I am focusing on right now is to get my website up. Once it is up I want to focus on putting quality information up for people that want to learn how to blog. My central focus is to bring people on a journey where they see my progress to obtain 1 million visitors to my site every single month. I've worked with other people that have done this and bought many courses. Now it is time for me to give back and help others while making an income off of ads and products created by myself.
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    Hi, mostly i focus on making sales, cause by this you know if you are doing everything great, after all, you need to give your leads what they paid for, if you want to do things in the professional way, and really gain the satisfaction of your work!!
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    I change my primary focus depending on my current goals.

    I started using 12-week year planning approach, where instead of yearly goals, you treat 12 weeks as one year, and set one big goal for next 12 weeks. It really got me focused and organized.

    For now, my 12-week goal is epic content creation, so I primarily focus on that. Next 12 weeks will be devoted to traffic and promotion. Then - product creation.

    Basically it all depends where you are at. If you have no content on your blog, it is pointless to drive traffic to it. If you have nothing to sell, it makes no sense to focus on PPC advertising, and so on...
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