How to stop limiting beliefs?

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Hy all great warriors .The problem with me its that i have some limiting beliefs from childhood that dont let me to succed .When i try to work hard in IM i feel how a limiting beliefs want to stop me to work hard ,i feel anxious tired even if i am not .I feel like something in me dont like to succed with IM it wants me to go in bed and sleep .
Please tell me what strategies you use to stop limiting beliefs ,get more positivity etc .Thanks very much
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    Beliefs are associations of different ideas. If we want to change our belief we need to break the association to a particular idea and create a new one. For example, a "polar bear" and a "white color" are two ideas that we have linked together.

    Taking control over those connections will make you a master of your beliefs.

    Think about your limiting belief and ask yourself: Is it always the case?

    Can you collect evidence that it is not true? Were there times when it wasn't true? Put on a detective hat and start looking for clues.

    We see what we focus on. If your mind sees everything through a lens of "You can't trust anyone" belief, you will only notice lying, deceitful and unreliable people. But if you ask yourself if it is always the case your mind will start focusing on people you know to be trustworthy.

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    Continuous programming while you catch a nap or full blown sleep can offer dramatic results if the inductions are strong and pervasive.
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    how about you stop writing about them

    might help
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    if you crawl in bed and fall asleep at normal times to do that .. it may be a bioligical need ..rather than limiting belief..if it is 10 pm a nigh and you have been up sense 6 am or just might be time to sleep..

    it is like eating when you are actually hungry ..or running to the bathroom or walking when you need to go..

    to little has explination about when this limiting belief happens ..actual biological needs .. ae not limiting beliefs .. and you are not meant to spend large amounts of time sitting in front of a computer screen might need to get up walk around and let your eyes and brain rest .. regularly ..

    "I just wanted a good job ,but i could not find a good job, So i do it myself"-Jack Ma

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    It is easy to get distracted in our line of work and doubt our dreams.

    I think instead of saying you have limiting beliefs, use a different vocabulary. So your mind believes that you are trying to make it work.

    Break the tasks into smaller portions.

    For example, you want me to make $120K by the end of year from your online business. It might look big at first. But if you break it down to months then it is $10K a month then only $2.5K a week. Now to get there may be you need to make 4 sales a day. So your aim is not making the $100K anymore but to make sure you get that 4 sales. Once done, then celebrate your success. Do not get overwhelmed by the big number at the end. Just step by step...
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    Here are 5 steps to clearing limiting beliefs
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