Keeping focused and lazy horses...

by Arina
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I've ridden the horse only once in my life. It was in Tennessee, where me and my friend were on a *road trip visiting Smoky Mountains.

At some point of our trip one of us has decided that it would be fun to go on a horse ride to enjoy the beautiful view and closeness to nature.

It was more than 8 years ago, but I still remember this horse I've been given for a one hour long group ride.

It was the laziest horse in the whole Tennessee area.

No matter how hard I pulled the reigns or how fearsome I tried to sound, the lazy creature just ignored me and refused to move with the group. It walked where it wanted to go, which was mostly in the middle of the leafy tasty bushes.

That's how procrastination really looks like. One part of you (the rider) wants to get things done, achieve great goals, and move forward. And another part of you (the horse) just hangs out in the bushes and chews on the leaves.

For me there are several things that work to get focused:

1) Create environment with no distractions

Pretty hard to accomplish in the house with 3 little kids, but I manage to get my 2 hours during the nap time, and 1-2 hours if I wake up early. Those sacred hours are reserved for most high-impact tasks, like writing.

2) 12-weeks goals

I got this idea from 12 Weeks Year book, loved the concept, and started implementing it this year. So far it really works for me. I pick one priority for the 12 weeks, create a schedule, and then use a rating system to measure how I perform during one week.

For example, I have 20 high-priority tasks for the week. If I accomplish all 20 - this means I am 100% successful. If I accomplish 15 - I rate myself 75%.

The first week I got 12%, and it forced me to re-evaluate my day, my tasks, and my work flow. Now I average between 60-80%, and it feels much better.

What helps you focused? Any strategies you use?

- Arina
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