No need to attract results, just get out of the way

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You've heard of the law of attraction and you've used it. Now you are going to get on the road to mastery of the Law of Attraction, okay?
The truth is, there is no need to learn the Law of Attraction.

You don't have to learn how to attract the things that you want. In fact, you are already attracting, whether you want to or not.

More importantly, you have to learn to be in harmony with what you have now and learn to be eager for what you want.

Attraction is natural, it is happening all the time.

You must learn to allow what you want in.

It's just that when you are associated with The Drunk Monkey (my nickname for the mind) you focus on survival aspects of life that make you feel fear, doubt, uncertainty, anger, pain, suffering and being the victim. When you are feeling negative emotions, you attract what you don't want.

And when you are stoked, lit up, thrilled, enjoying, happy, satisfied, eager and open, you attract what you do want. Pretty simple. But not easy. You are wired to feel bad.

It all begins with knowing what you want.

1. What do you want? Have you written it down today? Even if you write down what you want on a piece of scrap paper right now, it will be infinitely more powerful than if you don't.

2. Look at everything in your life with gratitude. Expand what works in your life by focusing on it. What you focus on expands.

3. Create more of what you want in your life by looking at what you don't want and being grateful that it's there to teach you what you do want.

4. Be sure to track your miracles in your journal.

5. Convince your mind that you are a powerful creator by noticing and reporting unexpected, unexplainable good fortune today.
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