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Arrrr, some good advise here, but you may have to skip some of it.

But l have to admit that l am more positive lately, what with Emerson, (man made global climate commitee, previous party in AU,) admitting that he got it wrong, and the US going down the clean coal route.

Common sense is Finally starting to raise its welcome head in our country and elsewhere, let's hope that it starts a trend.

And l bet that the pensioners in AU, that cannot turn on their heaters in winter, and have to miss a meal to afford insanely high gas and electricity costs, will be a little more positive also.

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    Love the topic!

    In my studies i've found that positivity comes from the soul.

    Your ego wants separation. Your ego wants to like and dislike all things.

    Have you ever watched people or listened to people and immediately judged. Thats the ego. It's not you.

    Have you every noticed something and immediately put a like or dislike label on it. That's the ego.

    It sucks when it creeps back in. But your soul wants happiness. Your soul wants PEACE. It's all about peace.

    Continue to come to the present moment whenever your ego speaks. Now that you know what it sounds like.

    What happens is you block it from speaking, that makes you stay in the present moment, and trust me, thats where the positive miracles happen.

    Talk with people and laugh!

    Express extreme joy to friends and family!

    Show strong love to your partner!

    Live freely!

    You have one life to live so enjoy it!

    Do what you love! That'll keep you positive.

    Love and gratitude to you all!

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