How important is it to have belief in oneself?

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My question is when it comes to Internet Marketing how important is it to believe in yourself?

I often hear people in my circle says that being confident is fine, but being cocky makes you a loser in their eyes. You believe in your business so much trying so hard to live off on it.

What are your thoughts on this my fellow marketers?
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    I would say that self-belief is always important in life, especially when we are working on a major project such as generating enough income online so that we can live off it.

    Without self-belief it's difficult to imagine how one can succeed. You have to believe in yourself in order to keep going when things aren't going so great. Especially when starting out.

    I don't think that self-belief is being cocky, however thinking that you are better than others is. Self-belief is knowing your limitations and working through them. It's being humble enough to ask for support when you need it. It's working towards achieving a goal with the attitude that you will succeed. It's also knowing what you have to offer others so that you can provide support to them when they require it.

    I would say that self-belief is an extremely important characteristic that everyone should cultivate!

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    It is vitally important to have a positive mindset if you want to be successful online. You need to develop strong self-discipline and motivation to put in the work required. If you have self-doubt, a negative attitude, and procrastinate you won't succeed.

    So yes, self-confidence is very important. Don't get cocky until you have something to get cocky about.

    You're going to have setbacks. You're going to try things that don't work. You're going to get frustrated and have doubts. This happens to everyone and there's no way to avoid it. Your ability to handle these setbacks is what's going to determine your level of success.

    Most people who try to make money on the internet fail. I think it's because most people have to much self-doubt, too much negativity and no pain threshold for HARD. Making money online is HARD. It takes a lot of hard work, a lot of commitment, and a lot of believe.

    If you can do that you've got a good shot at being successful. When you become successful there's a chance you might need new friends. People have a hard time seeing someone succeed and will try to drag them down. You have to be mentally prepared to deal with that too.

    I hope this helps and good luck.
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    There's a fine line between believing in oneself and being cocky.
    That fine line relies on the portrayal of your avatar online.

    It's okay to be confident as long as the posts you make and what reflects in your online persona isn't an exaggerated version of your self-confidence.

    It's all about finding that balance with what you portray and what you really feel about yourself. Self-awareness is key.
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    We take action (or don't) on what we believe to be true.

    If you don't believe you can do a thing, you won't even try. Even if you have the skills, but you don't think it'll work.

    Believing that you can stick with a thing until you solve the problem is a powerful starting point.
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    well it depends if you believe you have the chops to fail , learn get better.. fail again untill you find something that succeeds ..

    If you are cocky and believe your first at bat will be a home rune and you will be living on a beach with passive income in a year with a million in the bank ..i think you need to ground yourself a bit more ..

    Though i personal give myself 3-5 years for that one .. living in Hawaii with the 6-7 figure a year business ..maybe not on the beach .. but a bike ride .. thats from being homeless right now ..but i don't think in exclusive online terms .. you need to market stuff online even if you are selling locally .

    So start out with growing high value crops for chefs/restaurants serving wealthy tourists and move to building an online spice company .. you too can use ingredients available to chefs at high end restaurants ..yada yada ..

    there is confidence and cockyness then there is determination i have a real good juicy back story and a minor obstical of being homeless in Arizona right now ..
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    I am not so much a belief or confidence guy as much as I am a clarity guy.

    I am pretty clear of fear when it comes to sharing my content and premium offers. I know it is me, offering value, in my voice. So I am good with it, clear on it, and keep on sharing and helping and prospering.

    When you are clear on your stuff, you are not affected by the fears that seem to be the masses on unclear, failing internet marketers.

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    Self belief is essential. If you don't believe in yourself, you can't be successful in life.
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    Belief in yourself is the ability to keep going when things don't go your way.

    As Winston Churchill said " Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm".
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    it's not only a matter of internet marketing, what i think truly is that you really need to be fully confident on yourself, if you really want to make it in any business type, it's really important not to go broke after any difficulties.
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    It's always important.

    Most of the time you aren't believing in yourself it's simply because you are not believing in yourself.

    Allow me to explain that in a story.

    I've worked with many actors before. Most of them are incredibly nervous for their first times on set. They get sweaty, forget lines, don't know where to stand, and they mess up.

    Over time, what happens is they get more comfortable with that crew, their confidence rises, and now all of a sudden substantial things happen.

    They are in the moment, emotionally free, and day in and day out give these awesome performances on camera.

    What changed?

    Their skill is just the same maybe a tiny bit better... hmm

    They haven't changed as a person...

    What happened was fear came in, doubt came in, and ruffled up everything they know how to do.


    They had that skill all along. But they didn't believe in themselves that they have something that excellent to offer until they eventually proved it.

    So all you need to do is know you have genius in you.

    Stand strong and demand nothing less of yourself than 100% belief.

    Now go shine the way you were meant to.

    Watch how this raises your performance in everything you do.

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    welcome to the mind warrior section john ..

    your example is great .. but does it also help a new actor be around people who remember what it was like to be new or are use to working with new actors and understand the development curve . and there is also the expectation they will make certain mistakes as they get better .

    how does simon sinek put it.. the main problem with millennials is the see the the peak of the mountain..they see where they are at the base ..but they do not see the climb or expect how hard it will be ..
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    This belief stems from powerful programming. You either do the programming yourself or hire out a soul to guide you and build you from the ground up after decimating you to pieces.

    Read: The Cosmic Master mentalist/
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    The salt and pepper of life is utter faith in one's self.
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    Right thinking is the most important thing in life. That point is inarguable.

    Some might say that; family is the most important thing. Nope, sorry.

    You can have family that you can't stand and hope they skip the family Christmas gathering and family you'd die for. So, it's not the family, but, your attitude towards them.

    Some would say life itself is the most important thing. Nope, sorry.
    You have people who love life and those who want to commit suicide. Once again, it's your attitude towards it.

    Your belief in yourself is part of right thinking.

    Learn to think correctly and everything else will take care of itself.
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    Yes, Any Business!
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    I firmly believe that self-confidence is everything. But at the same time, by itself, it'll not get you far.

    That the ultimate purpose of self-confidence is to protect YOU from the influence of others.

    I'm a content writer on Fiverr, use my services.

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  • I say it's very very important. Because if you don't you'll forever fail backwards and become a perfectionist when it comes to launching your businesses online.

    The more you believe in what you're capable of, I believe the more money you'll make.

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    I believe in higher forms of entities man. They're all around us and can help us along the journey. It's simply incredible, everything is a fairy tale.
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    "The biggest difference I've noticed between successful people and unsuccessful people isn't intelligence or opportunity or resources. It's the belief that they can make their goals happen."
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