Here's The Story -Getting Leads And People To Sign-up Is Similar To A Deck Of Cards.....

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I was thinking about this story that a very successful and wise marketer told me once. I was asking him "Why is it so difficult to generate leads and to get people to sign-up for your offers and programs sometimes?"

He told me the following story and it always make sense to me when I get frustrated in this internet marketing game. I then think about his story and it motivates me to never ever give up. This is his story:

Getting leads and sign-ups can be compared to a deck of cards. A deck of cards consists of 52 cards which includes 2 Jokers and 4 Aces.

So what does this have to do with internet and network marketing? Well the thing is when you promote your program or affiliate product or whatever it is that you are promoting to a list or traffic source you will always get the following.

There will always be the Jokers that will just fool around and just expect you to help them with information and free stuff, but they will never be serious or interested about the business you are promoting and the bottom line is they are time wasters.

Don't be wasting your time with them or take them serious. Then of course there are the Aces that you get in your deck of cards and they are the prime leads and sign-ups that will come along in your marketing efforts.

Your Aces will not always be coming in floods and might even be scarce sometimes but they will be the ones that will help you make money and build your business and in order to find them, you have to keep promoting consistently.

You see the lesson in this story and about internet and network marketing is that if you keep on promoting and put your offers out there to be found you will get a lot of Joker's but you will also get enough Aces that will help to make you successful.

Another thing is when keep on promoting consistently, you will never have to beg someone to sign-up under you or get involved in your offers, Why? Because keep going and making time every single day to promote will help you sort through the Jokers much quicker and get to the Aces much faster and that is how you achieve success in this business.

I hope this will help you when you get frustrated and want to give up. Just think about this story of the deck of cards, the Jokers and the Aces.
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