How to Handle the Information Overload?

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"Is there a single day that you don't learn something new about internet marketing? For me, there is not. Whenever I look for something I come up with a different idea or tactic about copywriting, marketing or the technical stuff. There is so much to learn but there is not that much time to apply all the things that is learned.

Believe me I came across dozens of strategies that promised me to make money in a short time, however none of them really worked, since I didn't work on them enough to make them work. It took me about one year to realize that it wasn't the tactics that used that is unsuccessful, it was my mindset. And I am on the way to change this.

Today, I made a promise to myself: ..."

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So, what do you do to overcome the information overload?
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    Wow that was a great article! It is so easy to get overloaded with all the information out there. You do really need to master what you know before you're ready to take on more!

    My motto at the moment is "Stephen Says". I am a member of Stephen Pierce's coaching clubs and I'm following along with his weekly training webinars. And I'm working with him on developing my first website. So, "Stephen Says" is just like "Simon Says"... if Stephen didn't say to to it, then I'm not doing it!! There's only so many hours in a day, and it's so easy to get distracted!

    I've also got a checklist of weekly activites on a post it note which is stuck to my monitor. I find that is keeping me focused as well. I have to make sure that most, if not all, of the tasks are ticked off by the end of the week
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    I think the blog post makes a good point. We all need to know when to take action and stop analyzing (or trying to search for that one big idea). Like the Nike ad says, "Just Do It." After all, there is no substitute for hard work.

    It's also important be able to filter through all of the "noise" we are exposed to everyday to extract and apply the useful information. Sometimes it's not easy to know which is which.
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    You need to put all the info on paper and train your body to take action. Customize to it fits your needs to help you get to the next level. Then get to work, there is money to be made.

    Does internet marketing seem to hard? Click here and you will see how much you learn.

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    Hmm. That's the "stay focused" mentality, aka "do one thing at a time" mentality. Ewen Chia talks about that too. In fact, he ever made the mistake of cramming lotsa info and not applying them.

    Good stuff!
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    When I started on the Internet, I thought that the best policy was to soak up as much as I could for a few weeks then decide my strategy, write it out clearly and simply and then pursue it unwaveringly to the best of my ability. I still think that's a decent policy BUT I couldn't cope at all with the information avalanche that hit me right from day one. And it got worse when I started buying into courses by mega rich Gurus which completely destroyed any focus I had left.
    After months of confusion, I've finally managed to get myself to where I should have been after a few weeks but I'm hundreds of $$$ worse off and six months older - in fact thousands of $$$ worse off if you count the money I should have earned but didn't.
    On the plus side, I've definitely learnt plenty - it's just that I'm not sure what it is but hopefully it will dawn on me some day and pay me some dividends.
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    Thanks for nice article, adammeda.
    Yes, I agree with you. It`s more about man`s mindset.
    We all strive to achieve the best. And learning is never ending process.
    Still, even best idea is worthless without - action!
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      Originally Posted by mark z View Post

      Still, even best idea is worthless without - action!
      Totally agree on this. I can not count the superduper ideas I came across while learning about internet marketing. They all promised the same thing: Take action and you will soon see the rewards. However, something kept me from taking action, no matter how much I believed the idea will work. I was kinda resisting to do what it takes to make money.

      At some point however, I realized that I will reach nowhere without taking any action. And I guess all the ones who doesn't quit trying, will experience this too. So, my methogology now is to work on the things that I am sure to see the return, and to keep learning at the same time.

      Now, there are less great ideas that I come across, because I know the real greatness is in taking that simple action.
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        Great article, very useful and practical information, thank you ademmeda

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  • I have a strong mind so I pick up information left right and centre and I end up not coping at all lol. So I have sought a mentor. I cannot keep sucking up every single wall of text I see!!!!!!!!
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    Internet marketing is always learning something new. ALWAYS!
    That's why first of all, i am using the next formula - 80% of my time on learning something new, and 20% on actions.
    For sure, if you are new one, first couple weeks and even may be months will go only for learning.
    Just take notes...
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      Look, set up a folder and name it "Important". If you are new you should be learning about how to write for the Internet and at the same time trying to learn everything you can about list building. Don't worry about information overload. We all went through this.

      So, don't feel like a Pregnant Nun.

      Get on everyone mailing list and see what they are doing. So, be prepared, you will receive a lot of emails. Insert the information about writing and list building in the Important folder. You should be spending most of your time working on that stuff.

      The other folders hold for later reference. Trust me, they will come in handy later. Keep in mind, if you don't have a list you are not in business you are just dreaming.
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    How do you eat an elephant?

    One bite at a time.
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    The best way to handle this is to find a mentor who wll guide you. Eventually, you'll find what information is helpful and which information is useless clutter.
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    You need to get organized and do the most important things first. Sit down and write out a list and what your goals are.
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    When you find out the perfect formula, could you let me know? Don't feel all alone brother warrior, I'm right there with you! ; )
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    Staying focused at one thing at a time is the best idea according to me.

    Avoiding distractions and information overload are better said than done. I too welcome any practical tip here.
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    Information overload is a huge hurdle when getting into internet marketing. What has helped me is to break everything down into as specific of a to-do list as I can and attack it that way. This helps you actually get stuff done, instead of sit paralyzed and catatonic with information overload.

    There is still a lot of information, but getting things done using a to-do list helped me stay in the game long enough to begin understanding how everything works together and start making money

    The key for beginners is sticking with it long enough and getting over those first few hurdles
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    Another idea is to dedicate a block of time. I used to find myself just surfing from tip site to tip site. Kenster's tip about making a list is spot-on.
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    For me I try not to attend trainings that have nothing to do with my niche. I plan out my day and I work with the marketing techniques I am comfortable with. If I learn something new in regards to the marketing methods I already use, I apply it.

    I don't try to do a million things at once. All of the information overload, that I already suffered from....I push it to the back of my mind and do what needs to get done.

    Flush the Pounds Away and Get in Shape.
    Lose 5 Pounds in 5 Days! Ask Me How==>> Go HERE

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    I think it works if you ignore information that deemed unimportant. It's quite easy to recognize it. Just make sure to get all the knowledge from one expert, and try to determine which are the keypoints that you think would work best. That seem to work for me.
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