The APT's people Vs. The ANTS people

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Hello Fellow Warriors,

Have you learned ins school or maybe in Psychology Class The APTs Perspective and The ANT's Perspective ? Everyone one of us has it, but one controls and perspect the other mostly.
The First One APT's stand for Automatic positive thinking, is what most successful people and leaders have. It'd how yo see everything in the World, including our recent events and circumstances. I believe the expression says it all in one way or phrase: The Grass is greener where ever I/you go, or The grass is greener where ever you plant or garden it. It's like what Benjamin Franklin told the reporter when he was asked How did he feel when he failed inventing the light bulb 1,000 times, and he said "I didn't fail I just figured 1,000 way not to build the light bulb" In other words The APT's People always see the light, life, and ways in a positive perspective - what they got and what they learned from their previous mistakes. On the other hand The ANT's see and always view the negative (as you can see and must've figured out it stands for Automatic Negative Thinking or thoughts) of their past experience and view the obstacles,too.

My advice to this to you warriors is to adapt the APT's perspective, by always think and be perspective - think of it as you are still in training on the journey and there is something bigger at the end of the road/journey/rainbow. Always think whats at the other end - the big goal/obstacle/rewards.
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