Have You Had Your Eureka Moment Yet?

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I first got started following internet marketing aged 15.. I started following the courses that I had convinced my dad to buy me and after a couple of years of failure... I eventually had an epiphany.

It was from that moment that everything started to fall into place and it began working. The mindset that I managed to get myself into just clicked and I developed several internet marketing success strategies linked to the mind and attitude.

I eventually wrote a free I.M. eBook about it all (Marc Milburn Presents... "EUREKA!")

I FIRMLY believe that the mindset and human psychology play an enormous part in success online so I'm delighted (as a newbie to the forum) to see this forum area here.


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    Nice to hear that.
    Personally, I would say that I rather had many small "Eureka moments" during several serious projects I was working on.
    Sometimes, we all get stuck in something we are trying hard to solve.
    But solutions simply won`t show up.
    That really can upset all of us.
    But, sooner or later, if we bring enough effort and energy into it, somehow, solution always comes up.
    So, it is definitely related to man`s mindset, dedication and "non-quitting" attitude.
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    I'm having an Eureka week now. I started a SEO biz about six months ago - and I'm finally turning the corner. Word is getting out about my business and things are actually going pretty good (for the first time in my life).
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      I think the initial problem for noobs is the huge range of different marketing methods. I started with emails and classified ads, got nowhere, didn't like it much either. I added TE and a very little SEO, but that didn't really appeal. Now I'm beginning to see that article marketing and social networking would probably suit my temperament much better. After all, we hope to be in IM for the long haul, so it's worth spending time to work out what's enjoyable - and then there's so much more energy to put into it.
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