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Is not the best internet marketers the ones who are on a schedule at a good company?

The more time you put into the marketing effort, the more results you are going to get.

Those who put in under 15 hours a week are going to be frustrated, 'cause their competition is working on high priorities 40 hours a week, and there could be more that one marketer at a top company! Right?

Conclusion: You need to make a plan filled with top marketing priorities, but most importantly, you need to want to succeed as much as someone drowning wants to breath. Those are the best online marketers.

People only want the truth when the truth is convenient.
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    Great post, very true. I would say just as a general rule, those who put in more work and more effective work will always do better. 15 hours a week definitely isn't enough to master something.

    This stuff isn't always what people want to hear, but it's the truth and realizing the truth is what helps to succeed. I actually had a similar conversation recently with someone about this. It was about how people recently have been saying "unless it's free, it's a scam" in regards to IM products.

    I said here it is for free then, and I gave them a long list of skills that will definitely make you money online, like copywriting, building funnels, email marketing, using bonuses (the right way), navigating hosting cpanel, the list went on and on.

    My final answer to that was, can most people learn that on their own? if so, that's awesome, if not, there's tremendous value in a product that can show you.

    To tie that in to your post, to attempt to learn all of that in just 15 hours per week is just impossible, that's not mastery. Great post op.
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    well if you are working for a big company will most likely be frustrated because you may only actually get 15 hours doing the marketing you where hired to do ..with all the meetings sensitivity trainings interruptions ..breaks ..

    person probably has to put 60 hours a week in to do 15 hours of real work on the internet marketing .
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    Excellent "The more time you put into the marketing effort, the more results you are going to get."

    Also, it says "Play hard. Play like your life depends on it. Because it does."

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    It's what you DON'T see that matters.
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