The ONE WORD you must LEARN in order to be HAPPY

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The word?


Look at your life...

Realize that you have

ENOUGH power to change your situation

ENOUGH control over your faculties to change your response

ENOUGH good things going for you to make it another day

When we focus on TRICKING ourselves into thinking WE DON'T HAVE ENOUGH...

we either get PUSHED to a higher level of focus/effort/passion/energy/purpose/motivation OR... (in the case of the 99.999999999999999%)

we feel...

left behind
weak powerless

Are you ready to tap the power of ENOUGH?

Or are you content to keep living the way you've been living?
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    i thought it was please, or is that old fashioned
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    The next level would be:
    I HAVE enough.
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    The best way to do that, and in another thread it was good said, is to put yourself questions:

    "Why i have always enough of..."

    "Why i can easily handle this situation of..."
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  • Whatevah happened to good ol' SURRENDER?

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    naah didn't work.. so i guess this post is wrong ..

    what if you believe enough is 2 to three times as much as you have now.. so just saying enough will give you reason to be miserable .

    there are two words that make me happy .. hot coffee ..

    one word that will make you happy more often competence ..

    when you do thing you are competent at doing or have a high level of competence are most likely more happy than not..

    I will just be annoying if you have a list of goals to get all this stuff you don't have might be able to repeat enough ..enough times to be happy for a few moments ..but then you have all these goals that are there but you don't have ..

    so can enough work ..
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  • Hey but srsly -- SURRENDER.

    That way I get to be happy & idgaf.

    Whatever other lamebrainoptionsya got ... this is the player rn.


    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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      Originally Posted by hardraysnight View Post

      Hahahaha ..i saw your name in recent poster ..and i was like i bet i bet ..and yeah you went there ..
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    Yet another word is *faith*.

    Faith for no reason.

    Faith to welcome the awakening.

    Faith to tie your snickers and kick it.

    Faith goes in many ways.

    Faith that prevail.

    Faith in a higher consciousness.

    Then we'll be ready to accept.
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    I think one word that would make people happy is the word NO. Not enough people know how to say it and it's the cause of a lot of problems for them.
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