7 KEY Every Day: Simple BUT Effective Strategy

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This is a strategy i cam accross 1 year ago.

It's simple but effective.


Write every evening 7 key things you plan to do the day after.


Have a Monthly PLAN!

Write 7 aims for the Month

Have a LIFE PLAN !

Write 7 Goals you're going to achieve.
Most of the people spend more time planning their vacations than
their life.

You will read every morning the daily, monthly and life plan.

Every evening, BEFORE writing the daily plan for the day after, look at your mirror.

Look at your face, your body...and say "thank you" to your body, even if you don't like it, at least it carries you in your entire life.
Than congratulate to yourself, while starring at your image in the mirror, to what you have achieved during the day, or the months, the external and internal developments, even if they are not a lot.


When you are in your bed, before sleeping, ask yourself "if i die today's night, is it all ok in my life for the people remaining and for myself as a result?" then don't judge the answer...if you repeat the question every night, sooner or later the answer will be yes.

Then breathe inspiring from the nose and breathe out from the mouth for 11 minutes, while laying in bed, before fall asleep.

ALL of this will make you more focused, sleep a lot better, and you will more appreciate your time in this life.
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    Great strategy, I've been using a very similar strategy since the beginning of the year and I've been so much more productive on a daily basis in my business compared to this time last year. Seriously great stuff, great post
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    Great ideas. I've got a 3 and 5 year plan, but I haven't been planning for major goals I want to accomplish in my lifetime. You've given me a new perspective. Thanks OP!
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    Nice post. I read this awhile ago and couldn't agree more. Taking action has a power in of it's own I feel.
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