How to overcome failures and turn it into success

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I know many of us have faced obstacles, heartaches, frustrations because of FAILURE.

Let me tell you this there is no such thing as failure. Failure becomes true when you accepted your defeat.

In my journey in entrepreneurship I have been knocked down many times. It seems like failure is always waiting at the door of my dreams. I always got angry when I did not get what I wanted.

But I discovered that in order to succeed no matter what you want you should use these as your weapon:

1. Patience - This is the best way to beat frustration. Sales may not show up in a week but for normal life it takes months or two to see a results.

2. Persistence - No matter how many times you failed DO NOT QUIT! Colonel Sanders got 1,009 times rejections before someone took a bite of his fried chicken.

3. Faith - Faith in the SUPREME, Faith in yourself and Faith in your product/service that you offer.

4. Proven Marketing Method - I know you heard this saying before and for those who don't I will tell you that even if you have the best product in the world but no one knows it you will not make a dime profit.

5. The Right Tools - If you're an online entrepreneur you know that you need to use some services to automate your business. It should be like autoresponder, lead capture page etc...

I hope this will help you guys especially for the beginners who cannot wait to see their results. Slow and steady win the race. Just keep going...

Don't be that worrier but BE a WARRIOR!

Believe in yourself because I believe you'll SUCCEED!
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    failure is a part of success, as long as those failure do not stop you from playing or knock you out ..

    SAnders lived in his car had a small social security payment a recipe for fried chicken and a cooker.. so he had nothing else to do but go around trying to turn his recipe into a franchise ..

    you need to fail in a way that is supported by the system you set up..and not in a way that puts you out of business
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    Nice read! Thanks
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    How to overcome failures and turn it into success
    Call it a split test and go the other direction?
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      Originally Posted by yukon View Post

      Call it a split test and go the other direction?
      hahaha..or call it the microsoft model..if you can use the first round of paying customers as beta testers ..over and over again
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    Great read! Thanks for sharing this here. Everyone has their own pace and own clock. Even if progress is slow, it's alright. After all, progress is still progress.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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  • Use the "BIG" rule:
    1. B stadns for : Books. You have to read books or high quality articles,

    2. I stands: for individuals you stand out with. You have to surround yourslf with top earners or successful entrepreurs (who are where you want to be),

    3. And G stands for: Goals. You have to set goals and work towards clearing them. Rember to set big goals and subdivise them into small ones so that you stay motivated.

    Tonny Robbins says something like " Their goals are not big enough to get them motivated".
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    The only time you truly fail is when you refuse to stand up and keep on going.
    You can learn from mistakes and we all make them. But failing to move forward at the first (or even the 22nd) hurdle means you have failed, grasshopper.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Visit my site for more info

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    Very nice reading!!! Btw., I loved the BIG rule which I will keep on my mind
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    Ever since I plugged into Cosmic Master's Hypnosis, I stumbled on corroborative evidence that
    mistakes of the past, where not mistakes at all, just different dimensions(!) According to this
    dictum (as hypnotically orchestrated in the mind), you attract the reality you want if you abandon
    the gravitational force that pulls you backwards and rewire the subconscious into actually believing
    that anything is achievable.

    Then magic starts to work in bizarre ways for you (and not against you).

    Thus new experiences are being "played back" in the subconscious and reality has to abide.

    Don't just get inspired by stories because they are unique for the most part. All you have to do,
    is visualize the person you aspire to be and then cloak yourself for amazing manifestos.

    That person is you. No role models, no stereotypes; visualization will reveal to you everything
    you want as long as you give it breathing space to materialize.
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    This technology is so limitless. Makes my blood boil.
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    I would rather describe Failure as a chance to try once more and learn all the shortcomings and issues that caused the failure. Failure always teaches you a lesson. So I agree with your point #patience #retry #skilldevelopment #reality.
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