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Hey guys,

I've been learning a lot about selling online, but I've recently picked up a product I can sell off line. I'm pretty excited about the idea and I'd love to get started right away.

I've been reading lots about sales and I naturally have many of the qualities of a good salesmen. I'm a good listener, I can think on my feet, I can read people well, and generally people find me likable. But I want to learn more about it.

I've read a sales book by Jefferery Gitomer that I've learned boatloads from. But I was wondering if there was a salesmans webforum online. Or if anyone else had any resources or tips that can help me in my offline work!

Thanks in advance!
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    The person that I think I have learned the most about sales from other than my business partner has been a guy that died about a year ago named Bob Schmidt. He was a bit time MLMer but basically taught how to sell to tons of people. I just looked for you, but couldn't find if any of his trainings are on sale any more. But maybe you can find some.

    But, the biggest thing I have learned about offline sales that has helped me the most is something that you have already mentioned, and that is listening. If you know enough about what you are selling, and you simply listen to what people are saying they need, then you'll know if your product is a good fit or not. I find it best to have a number of products and services that I can supply to people so that I can give them exactly what they need to help them out.
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      I have sold offline over the years more than online, one thing that I found to be true most times is to listen closely like you mentioned. If you can get them to open up and start talking they will usually tell you what you need to do to sell them. Sometimes you need to listen in between the lines.

      Be Wealth Minded with a Millionaire Mindset and a Success Mindset

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    Hmmm, any more advise?

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      Hi, Joshua:

      I say be completely knowledgeable about the features and benefits of your product, then do as others have said here - listen closely to what your prospect is saying so you can respond with confidence and enthusiasm and just the right info to help the prospect see the value of the product.

      Find out what the prospect is seeking, how your product might fill that need, and help the prospect visualize using the product.

      One resource recommendation I have is training material from Brian Tracy. I am a long-time Tracy fan and because of that, I started marketing his materials earlier this year. If you want more info, visit my website or web biz blog and look for articles, ads and banners for Brian Tracy resources.


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