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Hey everybody, just want to report on my little bit of success here to hopefully inspire some newbies to get to work!

I started learning about IM in July and began taking some action around mid-August. As of now I've made close to $300 and seeing a few sales a week by promoting Clickbank products.

I don't really have any "secret strategy".... just pumping out articles to Ezine and working the various traffic building methods that are talked about all the time here on the WF.

I have to admit, I haven't been very good about being consistent every day with my efforts.... but I can say that when I do have my small bursts of productivity, it has been resulting in sales. So my main goal here is to simply BE CONSISTENT and I'm positive my success will grow by leaps and bounds in the months ahead.

The one tip I can offer anybody new here is what you'll see a lot of people here saying... think of this as a "business" rather than "get rich quick". You gotta bust your butt some to see results, but seeing that check come in the mail is well worth it, trust me!

I want to throw a shout out to Casey Gentles... he's not only a really nice guy, but extremely helpful! He chatted with me one on one and offered me some terrific advice. I strongly recommend that all you newbies out there check out his free newbie guide.... follow his plan to the letter and I guarantee you will see sales!

I don't think I even need to mention Don & Jeremy since everybody here knows about them, but these guys are awesome! They flat out know their stuff. I bought one of their products and I'm getting terrific results. If I could afford it I'd be jumping on every WSO put out by them and you should too!

So anybody out there wondering if the stuff you learn about in here will work for you.... it will, just GET TO WORK!!

Speaking of which, time for me to go write some articles and make some $$$

Good luck everybody!

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  • Hey Jon,

    Thanks for posting your success story. I'm sure it will help provide some newbies with inspiration and motivation.

    It can take awhile to build up the income. Getting those 1st few sales in the door can be as painful as birthing a baby. :p But once they start coming in the door they tend to come easier and more quickly, if you keep up consistent effort.

    Sounds like you are working on the consistent effort part. So keep at it and I wish you much success!

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    Nice post Jon

    I am very similar to you I have looked at casy's stuff and been through Jeremy and Dons boot camp.

    Now I am being mentored, I have made $700 and have a growing email list of 500 in the IM niche.

    Plus I am building a business its all going good.

    Like you say just gotta kep the momentum going and scale it up.


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    Wow that's awesome Marcus!

    I remember reading your story when I first signed up to the WF a few months back and was really inspired by your positive attitude. It's great to see that you're finally getting some success, I'm really happy for you!

    Keep up the good work!

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    Awesome. The keyword in your post is consistency. Most people give up one step short of success.

    Great job.

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    Thanks for sharing. Every little bit of seeing that others can succeed helps us believe we can too.


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    Glad you made it, Jon.
    Consistency always pays off.
    As Stephen R. Covey said:
    "Our character is basically a composite of our habits. Because they are consistent, often unconscious patterns, they constantly, daily, express our character..."
    Keep up the good work.
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    Good job, my turn next!

    It's nice to read stories like these.

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    • Profile picture of the author Agnes Lyle
      That's very helpful. I'm still in the floundering stage, and though I'm working hard, I'm still not seeing much in results. Need to start making money soon, though. Where's the best training for free? I can't afford to pay at the moment.
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      • Profile picture of the author VilPietersen@

        Yea, thanks for the advice, I do believe that with constant effort you will see results, I'm working my normal job at the moment and "smashing" in the marketing work full time. I hope to see the results that you speak of. In fact I know I will see the results that you speak of, it's weird because I think of when I first started, thinking that making money on the internet was a over night thing. I remember loosing heart and giving up, now I'm back! and better than ever before.

        Thanks for the morale!
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        Originally Posted by Agnes Lyle View Post

        That's very helpful. I'm still in the floundering stage, and though I'm working hard, I'm still not seeing much in results. Need to start making money soon, though. Where's the best training for free? I can't afford to pay at the moment.
        Casey Gentles, without a doubt! Just look him up on here, he has an awesome newbie guide and it's completely free.
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    Thanks for the support everyone! And also an update, I made a few more sales in the past couple days and now at about $400 total, woohooo!

    Work hard everybody, the money is out there!

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  • Profile picture of the author Usha
    Thanks a lot Jon

    That was truly inspiring..I am also still new to IM trying to learn as much.First check always works as boost to progress more and achieve more.

    As you suggested i will go thru Casey Gentles to learn better tips.

    Thank you once again and have a great time


    Have a Productive Day:)
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    • Profile picture of the author Lady_T

      Congratulations to you...but it made me think...

      In the beginning, I was afraid to get started
      because I might NOT get rich quick.

      So I put off doing the work that is proven
      to bring in results because the money may
      not have flooded my paypal account in
      24 hours.

      Then where would I be?

      I wanted money fast and I wanted to
      hang on to that thought -that fantasy.

      I'm glad to be over that was crippling.

      The crazy thing is when I acutally got busy
      I did make sales that day - brought in a little
      less than $100 after paypal got their cut and
      I'm still doing that across different niches.

      Fear is no joke...
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