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Years ago, some of the old school NLP instructors did nonverbal examples that were quite impressive. Here is an example:

Have someone come up to the front of the room using only nonverbal suggestions. The person wouldn't even realize it until others confirm that the student was not asked to do so verbally.

Anyone have a video of this or can point me to some training examples?

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    NLP can be very powerful. It can even be applied to oneself for a mega transformation.

    I have a collection of 21 cosmic master programs and quite frankly, I'm flabbergasted.

    The transformation took place in two months. Noticed traits that I never knew I have.

    By the same token, you must have the earnest desire to outgrow yourself and then reality can be tampered.
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    Oh and about nonverbal examples, these are pretty underground and can't float in forums.
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