Feel The Fear, Let Go And Let It Carry You

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So I did one of the craziest things I've ever done in my life.

I went on the steepest zip line ride in the world! The Flying Dutchman Zip line

Let me tell you about it.

From the moment I looked up and I saw the peak of the mountain, I knew this was one of the worst things I've ever signed up to do in my life. My wife's cousin challenged me.

Me liking a challenge accepted although I never had the slightest idea of what stood before me. Now I'm accustomed of these types of things. I had to speak in front of a school filled with graduating students to give the special guest speech. I often have to speak in church and other events. I've been on crazy waterpark rides. I've went on crazy waterslide at the Atlantis in the Bahamas.

So I got this.

Well, this was a different beast. We all had to ride the lift up to the top of the mountain. Now riding the lift was bad already because to be honest I'm afraid of heights.

The cart climbed and climbed and as you looked around you saw houses getting smaller and smaller. The higher we climbed the more I realized this is the worst thing I've ever done when it comes to challenges.

After about 20 minutes we got to the top. It's so high up there the air is colder. My mind screamed danger, but my heart said you have to do this.

One family goes down the ride and then another. We stood in line waiting for our turn and watching to see who would back out first. I'm not backing down and she's not backing down.

Next up....us

I'm standing on the launch pad looking down to our landing and it's so small I could hardly see it. My heart pounded like a drum in my chest. She still isn't backing down therefore I'm not either.

I hopped up and the guy straps me in. She's strapped in. Last minute safety instructions are given and the countdown starts.


My heart is pounding


More pounding...




The wind swooshes by as we race toward the ground.

The trees speed by below. This is crazy...this is crazy!

Suddenly at the peak of my fear I experience something. My fear is transformed into bliss. I feel like I'm flying.

This...this is actually fun. Oh My Goodness I'm doing this for real! I release my grip and welcomed the wind into my arms.

I feel ALIVE!

Still zooming down euphoria fills my whole body....maybe it's an adrenaline high. Whatever it is, it feels good.

I see the landing quickly approaching it's almost over, but I don't want it to be.

The fear is gone and peace enters.


We stop.

It's all over.

My wife's cousin is frozen. The guy takes out the straps. I look at her.

I just did that...

I mean we just did that. I can't believe it. I just stepped up to my fears and it was better than I thought. I didn't die. We didn't die.

I faced my fears and lived.

Which made me think about what it's like building an online business. A lot of people never start because of fear. They think about all the things that could go wrong and never about what could go right.

You have to call a client, but you're afraid. When you really think about it what are you afraid of?

What I've come to learn about fear is that it's just an obstacle and all of your dreams are on the other side. The moment you learn to feel the fear and do it anyway is the moment your life changes forever!

Think about what your life would look like if you just took life by the horns and made it happen. How much money would you make? What would you accomplish?

Honestly fear is felt for the first few seconds, but once you get over it you let it carry you and in time you'll watch your life transform.

So what fear is holding you back right now?

Feel it, let go and let it carry you to your internet success!

All the best.

What do you fear? Let's work through them together!
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    Great post: Thanks Oppy.

    Today I spent my time with my Dad going to London to get a Visa for my Brother's wedding in Russia. I have a serious stairs phobia however I managed to overcome it and went up loads of them. (OK not an amazing feat ... However I thought it was a good accomplishment.)
    "Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity."―Joseph Sugarman
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    Originally Posted by oppyeaunome View Post

    What do you fear? Let's work through them together!
    What is this thing you speak of, called 'fear?' While I have heard the word, I am not actually familiar with the concept.

    "He not busy being born, is busy dying." - Bob Dylan • "I vibe with the light-dark point. Heavy." - Words that Bob Dylan wishes he had written.

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    Well done Oppy!

    Twas terrified of swing bridges during a recent trip to NZ but I felt the fear and did it anyway. A few times. Goodness it made me feel sick. I was afraid of heights but more than that, bouncing up and down a few hundred feet above the ground made me queasy. Like I was falling. Making it across made me feel alive too; always that way when you conquer a terrifying fear.

    Bottled it up and took it with me to my blogging business and I never looked back.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    I became a devout devotee of the Cosmic Master because I became the change I wanted to see. So no, there's no dead bride behind the curtain taking a peek at you late at night. I believe hypnosis only works best when you have an earnest desire to change.

    George Troy Marketing on Youtube

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      Originally Posted by George Flm View Post

      So no, there's no dead bride behind the curtain taking a peek at you late at night. .
      I am the dead bride behind the curtain.

      One Call Closing book https://www.amazon.com/One-Call-Clos...=1527788418&sr

      What if they're not stars? What if they are holes poked in the top of a container so we can breath?
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    That does it - we've fallen down the rabbit hole....woe is us
    Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world changes forever for that one dog.
    Do clouds ever look down on us and say 'that one is shaped like an idiot'?
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    Feal the fear, and run like hell!

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    Super heroes roam in this forum.
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      Originally Posted by Jack Bane View Post

      Super heroes roam in this forum.
      Yes - and I am always at your beckon call.

      "He not busy being born, is busy dying." - Bob Dylan • "I vibe with the light-dark point. Heavy." - Words that Bob Dylan wishes he had written.

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    where was this? im seeing niagara falls but that's obviously not what you mean.
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    Fear is confrontation of the unknown or of something
    attributed and characterized with malefic values that pose threat. You can overcome it
    by stripping down axioms from the word itself. Furthermore, hypnosis can play a determining
    factor in squandering fear and literally make you feel as if you were born again.
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    The title of this post is unlike anything dealing with a tsunami.

    Oh, the tsunami of thoughts springing from nowhere.

    It's like purple likes blue and you got yourself a deal.
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    For every one of the upsides of beginning from the base, however, it very well may be a baffling slog, particularly in the event that you've quite recently endeavored to win a higher education and beat out heaps of different candidates for an antagonistic entry level gig. You have ability, you may think, and it's being squandered. Hypnosis can certainly help boost your performance and if you don't use it, you're robbing yourself of the opportunity to become more efficacious in your line of work.
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    Nothing wrong with fear, if it is reasonable.

    Riding on the top of an electrical train or climbing an electric tower, overcomes fear, but it is also stupid and can kill you.

    Bunji jumping overcomes fear, but if the straps are not correctly secure, then you are dead or seriously injured.

    I have been trying to succeed online for the last 10 years, and after countless failures ended up with online trading.

    Well online trading is the last thing l can try.

    So it is teetering on the edge of the abyss, or to put it another way l HAVE to make this work, not hoping or praying, but it has to work.

    So far after blowing a few hundred and 7 months of learning l am starting to get the hang of it. And it hasn't been easy at times, or there were times l just wanted to give up and say "this doesn't work", but l have to make this work, so persisted regardless.

    The stockmarket is like driving a manual car, initially it seems impossible, but when it becomes automatic, then it gets easier.

    There is also another force at play when you are looking fear in the face, or your subconscious getting in your way.

    Or you consciously want to make a profit and scale up, but your mind wants you to be poor and comfortable, so negative thoughts and actions come into play.

    So taking dumb risks in a volatile market, so you will lose most of your money and go back to broke and comfy, is one.

    The current market in tech stock looks highly volatile at present, but l am doing better than l have done in the last 7 months, not because of luck, but due to learning new ways of doing research than l was aware of.

    So burning all of your bridges, and not having a choice does wonders for achievement.

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