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by Odahh
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although i listen to motivational recordings on youtube.. it always annoys me when i hear less browns story of a chinese bamboo tree ..and it sem to only be a real thing in motivational stories that propagate the idea..

when the real thing moso bamboo may not reach a 90 ft (tree) colm for 4 years which then takes 4 years to mature to timber quality and the plant then can live 100 years producing timber every year start shooting up tres the first year but only short and each year they shoot up taller shoots ..until the 4th year .. and actually need very little fertilization or watering .. because it is a grass with a rhizome that spreads out to get the nutrients or water ..

instead the motivational story .. teaches people not to care about results ..and just keep working hard and hoping ..

and with the real bamboo the shoots can be harvested and used for food in the first few years .. sounds like something poor farmers would cultivate over ..this mythic tree.. all though there are 1400 varieties ..maybe the motivational bamboo exists but so far can't find it describe from people who actually grow bamboo
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    True, must be TED talk vidoes?

    And l prefer the frog drowning in the milk, one.

    And obviously someone else here does also.

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    yeah there was more i was going to add to this yesterday but i hit post a bit early..

    the frog story is from way before the motivation industry .. i just find so many of the examples used or stories used by motivational speaks just seem to have no basis in reality.. even when the base them off real people it seem they heavily edit those people stories nd leave out important bits .

    now the interesting thing is farmng bamboo is become a very lucrative long term business model as it produce 1,000 usd per acer of timber per year on average..and can be easily milled and turned into more valuable products ..or other more profitable sustainable businesses..

    but even if the chineese bamboo was true .. leaving out just why a farmer would plant a crop that take five years to produce a crop .. to make a touchy feely story.. is a form of fraud
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