Have you tried Esther Hicks and Abraham?

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I just chanced upon Esther Hicks's Ask and It is Given and I was stunned. I am not sure whether I should believe what she says because it sounds very mystical to me. But many top mentors are endorsing her work.

Have you tried it out yourself? Does it work and in what way? It will be interesting to find out.
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    I have been following her work for around 10 years now along with many others such as Ekhart Tolle and Byron katie. I find this leads you into creating what you really want in your heart rather than what you may think you want in the short term. It is by no means an easy, fast path, but it is a lifelong path of self discovery. Many people are finding it now because they are seeking answers much more now than before. Take it at your own pace.
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      Well, I believe the law of attraction is a very useful tool, and they have some good material on it. But I also think Esther is a fruitloop, talking about herself in the third person like she's channeling some other being. I don't take the "spiritual" side of it seriously, only the applied psychology aspect.

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    I have been listening to Esther and Abraham for many years and really enjoy the information. It is always inspiring, positive and it works. What do you really have to loose by trying it and seeing if it is for you? I truly believe that it can't not work if you really apply the principles in their material. If you are open to think outside the box then you might really benefit.
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      I actually just bought the book "Ask and It is Given" after watching the video of "The Secret Behind the Secret" with Ester and Jerry Hicks. So far everything seems to be working great for me when I apply certain techniques (I love the processes in the 2nd part of the book).

      When I first heard about Abraham and how Ester channels "them" through her, I was a bit put off. But after reading her intro in the book, it explains so much that I was fascinated. It's definitely not for everyone, but she was my favorite person to listen to in the movie "The Secret", and I enjoyed the other video of her as well, so it was just natural for me to buy her book.
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    It is amazing how many people are learning this law that exists in our universe.

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