Which are the most preferred skills in digital marketing.

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Hello All,

Currently, I'm working as a digital marketing executive. I'm looking to improve my skills as it is mandatory to see myself in a good position. Please tell me what are the skills which makes me a complete digital marketer.

Thanks in advance.
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    This is an extremely subjective question that may best be answered by your employer or yourself. Not only would different warriors have different biases on what skills are better or worse, from their experience, the term "digital marketer" is extremely vague and doesn't really reveal what you actually do.

    What types of projects do you work on daily?

    Where do you get stuck, where do you need to get assistance?

    Do you have someone above you that you could ask their opinion?
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  • For me, learn something that is trending first and slowly move to techniques that are not so popular. In this instance, FB is definitely the first one that you need to master and known well.
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    Copy writing. It goes with Everything.

    Or a sweet Budget to Outsource Everything.

    Learning and observing from people that been there done that where you are headed specifically. Not so much all the time what they are recommending YOU to do but what THEY are actually doing.

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    There is no answer to describe what should be done in digital marketing and what should be left. Its a vast subject. But since you have asked everyone mostly people lands up in learning SEO first because if you even develop a website and don't know how to rank it on google then there is no use. Your question needs a answer from an expert because he would be much aware of the marketing needs. I gave you the basic. Besides SEO you need to have knowledge of making amazing content. People will be glad if you are able to provide the information what they want. Hope these help you in basics. You can refer neil patel blogs and videos on you tube.
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    Hi Shrikantha,

    Be a Bangalore blogger

    Write, write and write some more. Writing is at the core of many digital marketing strategies.

    PS....I love your city.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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      Originally Posted by TutuApp Apk View Post

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    Originally Posted by shrikantha View Post

    Hello All,

    Currently, I'm working as a digital marketing executive. I'm looking to improve my skills as it is mandatory to see myself in a good position. Please tell me what are the skills which makes me a complete digital marketer.

    Thanks in advance.
    well this is my bull crap answer .. so no real need to try implementing my answer .. to you overly vague question ..

    first two are general marketing skills.. figure out who the buyers/users of your product are.. then figure where that groups attention is ..

    now learn which digital platforms have your audience .and how to get adds in front of them that will get their attention .

    each platform requires tweaking of basic marketing skills .. so the other skill is willingess to learn what work on what digital platforms .

    but of course it no need to try and understand what i just said .. it's just words on a forum
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    This question shows that you have learning attitude. A digital marketer is always update to the tasks and learning attitude because google keep releasing new updates and apply to SEO work. Drive team lead is top most quality of digital marketer that lead the team members.
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    Analysis of digital trends
    Good writing skills
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    Originally Posted by shrikantha View Post

    Hello All,

    Currently, I'm working as a digital marketing executive. I'm looking to improve my skills as it is mandatory to see myself in a good position. Please tell me what are the skills which makes me a complete digital marketer.

    Thanks in advance.
    THE preferred skill, in digital marketing, is...

    the same as in other marketing...


    Being able to present your ideas, thoughts, opinions, through many platforms requires good communication skills. You need, definitely, to work on these before you can even see yourself in a good position (whatever the hell that means).

    DIGITAL includes youtube, so personal presentation skills, as will benefit you on conference calls, Skype calls, or any multi-media platform...or in email, blog posts, Facebook, LinkedIn, other Social Media, etc.

    So, COMMUNICATION SKILLS, and preferably some persuasion, influence, and general good first impressions are important.

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    modesty and humility

    rare occurrence around here
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    Six key skills you need to be a successful Digital Marketing Manager
    SEO, PPC & analytics. ...
    Social media. ...
    CMS. ...
    4 .Content creation and writing skills. ...
    CRM / Retention marketing. ...
    UX / Customer experience.
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  • According to me the basic knowledge is very important.You should know how to drive traffic gain profit for your business.
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    Most preferred skills in digital markeitng.
    1. Mustbe well know seo strategies
    2.Know the basis of google adwords like budgeting , bidding strategies .
    3. YOu should be well know social media platforms.
    Now a days nobody is there without knowing socialmedia platform.
    From small kid to older people all know social media now trend has changed.
    Now for example if you have seen that web series online it is also social media platform only.
    Mostly preferred skills are seo and smm
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    I guess all skills under Digital Marketing are equally preferred. They have their own contributions towards marketing a business online.

    1. SEO - Helps ranking a website organically for targeted keywords searched by targeted audience. Helps in getting customers online for long run.

    2. SMM - Social media channels are the platforms where people used to spend most of their time. So, it's a medium where you can pitch in and engage with them through online conversation and contents. Helps in getting targeted leads for business.

    3. Google PPC - SEO takes long time to show results. So, business who are in hurry to take their business to next level, can leverage Google PPC Ads. Here you need to spend some budget so that your ads will be shown on top of Google page giving you targeted business leads.

    4. Content Marketing - Content marketing is an essential part of Digital Marketing as conversations happens in Digital media through contents. More in-depth and informative content you share for your audience and gain more authority. Your targeted customers will consider your brand more trust worthy.
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    If you are trying to improve your marketing skills continuously practice it. More probably you should step to the market and analyze the market conditions. so that you can find what is new and what is outdated. Social media marketing is now the most powerful weapon available in the market. Nothing is its all about what type of customers you are targeting find that best way to attract them. everyone is under social media now social marketing helps in mass reach of the subject.i think its better to use social media marketing I think it will be more effective
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    Search Engine Optimization and Content Writing is the main preffered skill in digital marketing
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    I will say learn analytics since no matter what you do SEO, SMM, SEM, EMail Marketing. You need to understand the numbers. By knowing about analytics you can take better decision.
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