Beware Rah Rah Post for 2019....Only Now Exists

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Have you ever seen a bear check its calendar to know when to hibernate?

Ever observed how a raccoon does not need to check its watch to know when to wake and hunt, at night?

Time is an illusion created by humans to add some order to their mind.

Time is not real.

Only the moment is real.

You will see more 2019 posts for planning next year, for building momentum and for making 2019 a successful year, guys. But each post is rooted in:

- fear
- anxiety
- hesitation
- worry

because if you are ignoring the moment, you step away from Reality to an illusion. While folks do their best to get momentum going 6 weeks from now, the happy successes of the world act Now. Even if Now scares them. Because only Now exists.

Act Now guys. Forget the calendar. Focus on the present.

Don't delay, don't hesitate, don't put stuff off because of imaginary numbers on a piece of paper. All are fear and fear is not real. Fear does not exist, nor does the human-created concept of time.

Act Now.

Go for it guys.

So much fun and freedom and uncomfortable feelings and growth and love and happiness, right Now.
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    I appreciate the enthoosiasm here, an' your point got its place at the reality table.

    But although the fyootyure ain't happened yet, it fills ever with speculatorial phantoms.

    That is why evry ad promises sumthin' ... an' while clear an' present benefits can only be experienced in the present, the fyooture is a lure pullin' on your active present sensibilities.

    Best ads say ... walk over here (an' then describe sum fyooture scenario from the POV of your present vantage point).

    That is why alla them bears an' raccoons don't wake up on Christmas day an' ask where is the tree? an' alla the presents?

    Gotta figure also that when dire challenge strikes, we often gotta "dig deep" jus' to pull through.

    Means courage, resources, an' plenty more stuffs brought to bear on the emergin' moment, but so often we also gotta trust back to past glories an' triumphs for kinda evidence to supplement brute resolve or hope.

    Howevah, too much dwellin' in either of these non-present panoramas can lead to daydreamin' or gettin' stuck in a rut.

    That is why my granma is always drunk.

    So, yeah, the bubble of possibility & circumstance we call NOW gotta be trusted to generate its own powah an' potential from outta the once-only mix of influences it touches upon as the clock ticks heartbeats, steps an' breaths ever forward.

    I love your take on the transformative powah of NOW, but time is real, Sweetiepoppet.

    Like Atlas bearin' the Earth on his mighty shoulders, time carries our moments between birth an' death forward in a seamless continuum.

    (Gotta tellya, if'n I ever launch my Princess Balestra Luxury Stockings range, gonna call it Seamless Continuum ...

    Seamless Continuum

    Easy on. Easy off. Easy inbetween.
    Now is the perfect moment
    to set your lingerie scene.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff together.

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    I might want a large pizza now.. but having to many of those now will undo the effort i have put in to get down to my happier weight ...and possibly prevent me from getting to my much happier weiight early next year ..

    things you do now .. might not change the past ..but can greatly effect the future you create ... or if you will have a future you want ...

    sure a pizza will make me feel better as i am eating it.. but that feeling will be replaced tomorrow .. or latter tonight with heart burn or just lethargy from the pain of over eating ..

    and i am pretty sure there are one or to woman i can have some fun with tonight..but will not make the woman who want me to marry her .. happy..

    IF you have gotten good at making good long term choices in the now .. then great follow the now.. but impulsive .. reckless and stuff with otherwise generally bad long term consequences ..

    what you do now creates the choices you will have to make tomorrow or problems you have to fix ...

    so yes live now .. experience now.. but avoid running up a tab.. you will hate payiing off tomorrow or for the next 19 years
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