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What are the top premier quality Motivational and Inspirational channels to follow on You Tube that provide the best speeches?
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    Anything from Les Brown and Mel Robbins is pretty solid. I follow a channel called "Lion of Judah".

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    Here's one of the most compiled list - Top Motivational Video Producers on Youtube
    Planet NRON - Overcome adversity and crush your life goals
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    Here are the ones I like and follow:

    - Everything by Jim Rohn. Legend! It's not one channel of it though.
    - Darren Daily by Darren Hardy
    - Les Brown
    - Tony Robbins
    - Mel Robbins
    - Brian Tracy
    - Brendon Burchard
    - Robin Sharma
    - Evan Carmichael (he compiles lists with what other successful people are saying).
    - John C Maxwell.

    I now realize I am subscribed to many motivational things. To be honest, there are days when I want to listen to one of them specifically while getting tired by the others.

    I like to learn from different sources and make my own idea about it.
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    I'll list out people I follow that aren't listed above.

    - David Goggins (especially for working out)
    - Rich Roll
    - Casey Neistat (older content focused on success)
    - Lewis Howes
    - Tom Bilyeu
    - Mike Posner

    Hope this helps

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    I agree with the above poster, David Goggins is great for workout but also just mental toughness which is beneficial in all areas of life, especially business.
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