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My name is Jason, I am relatively new to this forum, and wanted to pick your guys brain on journaling. About a year ago I recently picked up the habit of journaling every night before bed to log a couple of things, such as writing my accomplishments for the day, what steps I took towards my goal, and important things that I will do tomorrow. It has been rewarding to be able to see all my progress over the last year, and I feel like it has really kept me on track.

I wanted to see if anyone here is into journaling and if they had any specific things they enjoyed journaling about? I have tried "gratitude" journaling and writing a couple of things down each day I am thankful for, but would find my self always writing the same things down, and simply writing them for the sake of doing it, and not because it was actually putting mine in a grateful attitude.

Does anyone else have habits like this that they would like to share? Have you found it to be a helpful tool to reaching your goals?
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    no .. i don't journal .

    If you are going to track or journal anything... journal what you do or progress you make on a daily basis ..while working on your goals ..even somewhat seemingly insignificant improvements ..take note of the times during the day where you had noticeable improvement from a starting point ..

    so if you haven't made much progress .. don't write anything many days without progress ..or with blank pages..

    start setting better goal that you can make notable progress on a day to day basis

    it funny you can do so many of these daily rituals that successful people seemingly do.. and use up all your time and energy without doing anything productive ..

    so reading every day ,writing down goals, meditating, journaling ,, you can probably list several other things .. and never actually ..get any self improvement ..or any improvement in money earning or time .. or getting more creative or feeling happier or .. or or .

    Here is a hard question .. to answer ..and ask . something to jurnal about ..

    imagine if you did not have to do anything to earn money..and could literally sit on your butt all day for the rest of your life ..but if you didn't find something productive to do ever would die within three years .

    how would you be productive if you didn't have to worry about the money part ..

    put that in your visuals and your journal.. and because it is a miracle that granted it.. you can't attempt to teach others to do it .. have to actually make stuff..

    lets say you where going to get 10,000USD a month every month for the rest of your life .. so you had no reason to save it.

    so you have the home.. the happy just need some productive thing to do with your day

    "I just wanted a good job ,but i could not find a good job, So i do it myself"-Jack Ma

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      Thank you for your response, I agree that it will always come back to action. Unless you use the books and journaling to help you take action and make changes they won't be of any value. But great question to think about with the idea of getting $10k every month. It helps you priorities what really makes you happy. Thank you!
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    I don't journal either but I what I do is write down goals and also keep pictures and visuals of what those goals include. This has helped me a lot in the past with trying to stay focused.
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      I agree, and really for me my journaling is just my way of doing that. It helps me keep my goals in front of my and on my mind. Thank you!
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        Definitely, for me it is usually often the case that I realize new goals/the most important ones when I journal. So in a way its also a preparing of conceptual to-do list for next day...
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    journalling helps me to remember all those lies better
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    Journaling is like a UN meeting, or you create meetings in order to set up new meetings and then have meetings to do an efficiency report to make sure that the meetings to create new meetings are done with the greatest efficiency, since you are staying at 5 star hotels for the 2 hours, ahem, 1 week it takes in Paris to have the meeting.

    Or a bit similar to a self help book, read that all day, and you have an entertaining story about how a rich industrialist convinced a monopoly to go into business with him, but does it translate into helping you, nope.

    I still, well l am reading one self help book, but only for 10 minutes when out and l tend to skip the dull parts.

    And the closest l get to journaling is drooling over tropical scenes in the Newspaper.


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    I do journaling every day - but in 75% of cases it's just a few words because I am tired af.

    I definitely believe there is a great power in this habit especially combined with morning journaling - or answering some specific questions (thats what most stoics do) - but in terms of questions, it is also too often the case for me that I write the very same answers every day.

    At least I know it is always better to me write it on the computer than by hand mobile because I write much faster and it is easier for me to write the complex thoughts.

    Also, trying something like: may definitely worth it.
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      That's interesting. I have never tried journaling on my computer, but I can definitely see what you mean how it will make it easier to journal more thoroughly because you can do it faster and easier. I will definitely try that, thank you!
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        Yes, when talking about speed I would definitely recommend try to learn speed-type and buy a good, ergonomic keyboard such as one from Microsoft. Both things are almost costless and both were really game changers for me.

        Gl with your experiment!
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    It's been a practice that I have yet to make a habit. Although I must say that journaling is key if you are trying to gather your thoughts and think about your accomplishments for the day.

    I started doing it for a while and when I did I always seemed to be more focused with my actions the next day. It allowed me to stay on task more easily and take a good look at what I accomplished that day.

    Gratitude journaling is the best thing you can do. It helps your mind to focus on the good in your life instead of worrying about the bad which helps to bring more good into your life. Without sounding woo woo it's really simple whatever you focus your mind on you get more of in your life.

    Your RAS (Reticular Activating System) focuses on the thoughts you give it. A good book is Psycho-Cybernetics as it goes deeper into why you need to be thinking about what you want rather than what you don't want.

    Journaling overall is a good practice and one anyone trying to build a successful online business should implement into their daily routine.
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      Thank you, I will look into that book! And i have tried gratitude journaling and still do it daily, however I have found that I almost always write the same things every day, and then it doesn't seem ask fruitful because I am almost writing those things out of habit rather than really focusing on why I'm grateful for them. So it is definitely something I need to get better at.

      Thank you!
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    I don't journal daily, but I do write and document certain parts of my life. I find it's useful to declutter the mind.

    I have kept a journal before and I still practice daily gratitude.

    Practicing gratitude for the sake of it doesn't work very well. Sometimes it will take more effort, but you should be trying to express different kinds of gratitude.

    One example is being grateful for the availability of food. You can be grateful each day for that, but try to come up with a different reason why you're grateful for food availability. Same for other repetitive ones like clean air, health, family, home, security etc.

    I would never express gratitude for the sake of it. Otherwise it's not being truly grateful.

    Something else I like to do, similar to journaling is to write out 5 to 10 new ideas to common problems. They can be crazy, impractical, simplistic...doesn't matter. It's an exercise to train the mind to think and be creative. I learned that from James Altucher...someome who also writes everyday.
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      I really like that idea of writing new ideas everyday. I will definitely try that out, I can see how it would put you in to a creative state of mind!

      Thank you!
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        It's funny and pure coincidence that I received one of James' newsletters today and he mentioned this exact habit again as a contributor to his success..."And it's OK to practice your creativity every day. Write down 10 ideas a day to exercise the creativity muscle.

        After six months your mind will be rewired. It will be an idea machine that will help you get through any situation."
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    For 25 years I kept a daily record of my sales activity and whether I made the sale or not. I also took notes on what worked and what didn't.

    From these records, I found the best ways to prospect for sales, the best people to sell to...the ones to avoid.....and I found the best ways to present my product that created the most sales at the highest dollar.

    This may have been the first or second smartest thing I ever did to advance in my profession.

    The important thing is to not lie to yourself. Don't exaggerate what you did, don't fudge numbers. You'll get a real accurate picture of your strong and weak areas...and how to improve.
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      This is awesome! Thank you for sharing! And I totally agree with you about being honest. Lots of times I will want to write things out how I wanted them to go, or exaturate them, but I do agree that when I do that I am really just cheating against my self. Thanks for sharing!
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      Thanks for sharing this experience! I just would like to ask you: Did you have any system in reviewing/reading your notes? Or you just read them? I journal for about four months and already have a lot of text which is organized just by date. So thinking about adding some structure/system into it - at least a bit.

      If you have any ideas on this would be grateful for hearing.
      Regards and thanks again!
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        I do! I write out affirmations in the morning and what my goal is for the day. Then at night, I write out my accomplishments for the day and this seems to help me sleep better because I focus on what i did accomplish and not what i didn't.

        Hope that helps!
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    I jot down things I fancy about The Master. Because he talks through me and empowers my reality. You see, getting in trance is key to ESP development. The tools define the magician.
    I love getting in trance just by hearing you talk
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  • Rookie journalists figure writin' cool stuff down gonna make ' em the next SAMUEL PEPYS.

    But for anywan srs 'bout cataloguin' inconsequential booby doo, most times I find it jus' helps LOSER MOI be a LESS STOOPID IDIOT from time to time bcs my past self nevah woulda looked beyond ZITS for solootions to anythin' (but in her battle against unseemly pustule explosions, she foresaw mortal combat with more formidable demons -- an' coincidentally figured heels ovah sneakers).

    Ain't no point commitin' nuthin' to memory cos fake nooz always gonna mangle the f*cker.

    Thing is, as we thrust out on action an' verve gonna fire stuff up, always we gotta reflect back on what we dowin', or our direction gonna misfire.

    This means takin' in multiple POVS (like the expertise hosedown kinda ripples 'pon my flesh as I seek out squirt of WARRIOR FORUM splashdown) ... but also lookin' in on shades of vulnerable an' done-an-dead an' eternal an' empowerin' self (an' I strung that quartet togethah based on sumthin' I wrote las' year btw) as catalytic mentors from beyond oblivion.



    Depends how you wanna view steroid-enhanced slugs asquirm on a roll, Sweetie.

    As it happens, I was trussed an' blindfolded, so mebbe I got lucky I nevah saw 'em.

    Thing is, the past can't nevah be rewritten, but if'n you wrote sumthin' down whenevah, she can sure float surprises on out.

    (An' for the record, I am embellishin' the slug story here. Turns out '#epiglottismassager' is now a go-to hashtag worthy of respect.)

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff together.

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    Rather than writing in a journal, I simply write out my goals on the first of each month. On the last day of the month, I write down my progress for each goal. Did I reach it? Did I come up short? What should I do differently?

    I've been doing this for about 15-years now and it has worked out really well for me.
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      I really like that! I do a similar thing too. I write out my goals on a piece of paper for the month and then use that as my bookmark in my journal for the rest of the month. That way I am forced to look at it every day!
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