Profitable Lesson My Dog Can Teach You About Marketing...

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We talked about target markets and finding the right market for your business before, so thought I would continue a little more on that for you today.

However, this story has nothing to do with me and everything to do with you and my dog. What do I mean?

You see...I think my dog is either hanging out with me too much or somehow figured out how to subscribe to my newsletter. Why?

Well, my dog Sammy used to go nuts over all the animals in the yard.

The squirrels, birds, rabbits and other critters, but lately her focus is only on one main target.

The cute little rabbits.

She could care less lately about the squirrels and other animals. She could be laying there, a squirrel runs right by her and she doesn't even flinch, but...

If a rabbit is anywhere in sight, she's up, excited, barking and ready to pounce.

You may be thinking "That's great Eric, but what does your dog chasing Bugs Bunny have to do with me and my business?"

The simple answer to you...Everything!

You may not be chasing squirrels or rabbits in your business, but you are chasing some kind of target market, aren't you?

Unfortunately, a lot of business owners go after everyone.

Think everyone is the perfect target for their product or service and end up wasting a lot of time chasing the wrong markets.

We know in business also, time is money, so why not use your time as wisely as possible?

What's one way you can start doing that?

One way for you to use your time more wisely is by simply drilling down and really finding the perfect target market for your product or service.

My mission for you today if you accept, is to simply step back and identify your ideal target market.

I would love to tell you everyone is your target market, but we already know that's not true. Let me ask you now...

Who is your perfect market?

Once you identified them, then you should start to drill deep. What do I mean by drilling deep? I am asking you to find out...

What are they reading? What are they watching? Where do they hang out? What's going on their lives? What are their deep desires and fears? How can you solve those fears and desires? What do they really want that is not offered to them currently?

There's plenty more questions to uncover the answer to, but this will get you on to a great start.

Now hopefully you're not reading this and thinking to yourself the common business owners response..."That's too much work."

You See...

By you focusing on your perfect target market, doing a little extra digging and taking action on that new found knowledge, you'll be way ahead of the other animals-including your competition.

When you have your target market in mind...

Your message will be more targeted. Your products/services will be more targeted.

Your efforts will be more targeted. This all means...Your business and results will become more targeted as well.

Doing it this way will not only allow you to happily survive, but it will also allow your business to prosper and strive. Imagine...

Going into work or starting your day knowing your business will be an easy one. Knowing every phone call or interaction is a stress free one.

I better go see which target market my dogs chasing now and we'll talk soon.
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