Practicing the Law Of Attraction -- Pennies falling everywhere!

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When I first started practicing the law of attraction around 10 years ago I began with something very simple.

I started the day with the intention that I would manifest more pennies in my life. Throughout the day I would see more pennies.

Pennies on the sidewalk, pennies that fell out of the "take a penny" cup, etc...

That wasn't a big deal but whenever I saw pennies I gave thanks to the process of attraction no matter if I felt I would have saw them anyway.

Then at the end of the day around 7 pm I headed to the gym.

As I turn the corner into the locker room I see pennies all over this spot on the locker room floor.


It was like someone dumped their pockets out. There must have been over 100 pennies there.

That was my first taste of the law of attraction.

It's good to start with small things. Ever since then I keep a "Synchronicity" journal to document all of these things and to appreciate them.

Crazy things happen now.

What are some of any of your experiences?
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