Are You Still in Employee Mode?

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At the end of the day, you check daily stats. You compare how you did versus yesterday.

Traffic, links, judge your performance and choose your feelings and vision and goals based on 24 hour periods.

Guys; in most cases, you are 100% stuck in employee mode. Employees usually think: "work for a day, get paid for that day." Salary-thinking. But this outcomes-based approach is almost always fatal in internet marketing because day to day results fluctuate - often wildly as you build up your business - and if you attach to fluctuating results, your:

- emotions
- vision
- goals
- thoughts
- strategies
- tactics
- techniques

change day to day.

This is something experienced Warriors have seen literally tens of thousands of times over the decades. You no longer work a job. Invest in the process, not outcomes. That's how entrepreneurs do it.

Wean yourself off of daily metrics checking. Try weekly. Then monthly. Fine tune if need be, or scrap everything, if you tire of your niche, but you are in a different game now.

How it works: work for free to improve your skills and to increase your exposure. Trust. Relax. Do not panic over numbers on a screen. In time, your improved skills and increased exposure inspire people to hire you and buy your stuff, because you will be a highly skilled IMer in a ton of spots.

Do not abandon this proven process because of 24 hour's worth of wild fluctuations. Trust. See your generosity through. Plus, the less you obsess over outcomes, the clearer you will get on laser targeting your campaign, leading to even greater success, Works like magic.
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    This is why most people don't make it. They can't get over the "work an hour - get paid an hour" mentality. If you look at the income chart of most entrepreneurs, they put in crazy amounts of hours in the beginning for zero to little pay. This could be for 1-5 years, but then they EXPLODE after a breakthrough.

    The masses see this breakthrough and not the months or years prior to that, learning their craft and mastering their skill set.

    It's a tough industry, but also one of the most rewarding.
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      Originally Posted by palmtreelife View Post


      The masses see this breakthrough and not the months or years prior to that, learning their craft and mastering their skill set.

      i agree with the parts i deleted but this line is more import than anything i have seen put on this forum in a while .

      thatb long period of time before the break through or while people where developing their skills ..and many times even after the breakthrough..if the breakthrough is not known to the public or the masses .

      the masses tend to view that person as some kind of failure or wierd person the example of what not to be .

      there are probably way more people hiding their success from the masses .. than being overly flashy about it .

      hiding is the wrong word and im niot talking millionair next door type rich .. just people who learn not to talk about the nicer thing they have around others who use the term "must be nice " in that envious tone
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        there are probably way more people hiding their success from the masses .. than being overly flashy about it .
        Absolutely. The only 2 reasons I can think of as to why people would be flashy and dramatic with their wealth:

        1. They're insecure and are seeking approval.
        2. They are trying to sell more of a product they may or may not own that they believe will give others that same kind of lifestyle. The "buy my product and you can live the same way I do!" type of "business".
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          I don't mean anything negative about the people who are flashy. Many of the most flashy are children of wealthy .

          A problem for many or even most people who build businesses and build wealth over decades . Which is a majority of those who build their own wealth .

          Is their lifestyle is still from what they earn and they tend to still be building the wealth .

          When they die the business gets sold or liquidated and the children spend in a few years what their parents saved over decades .

          Well 80 percent of the time probably within 5years much of it is gone without a strict trust.

          Many of the fortunes made are not made in sexy ways . And there are a lot of things that are worth a heck of a lot of money . That most people have no idea the value.

          So the have trees on their property that produce acorns worth a chunk of change or can be propageted into 200new trees a year that can be sold retail for 100usd or more .

          Stuff they will tell people about who they trust won't show up one night and cut down or kill the trees
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    Thank you for sharing this.. You have made an awesome point. When I think of people who are changing the world, they did get paid for years in some cases. Such as Elon Musk. But consistently working on your idea, and never giving up put you among a top 5%. By then you probably earn more than you ever imagined.
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