How to Make Happiness Automatic

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If you seek happiness, then you must start with three basic steps to make it automatic. Happiness is your natural state but you must remove what is blocking it.

As a Life Coach and working with thousands of "big players" in their respective industries, the process they used to get there often seems inapplicable to the other aspects of life like happiness or peace.

Although I have a blog post which are explains these three basic steps here:

Life Coaching Tips to Make Happiness Automatic | Matthew Ferry

Would any one like to share any three tips to make happiness automatic?

Where would one start in order to have consistent happiness?
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    I think happiness comes from having a balanced life.
    1. God first
    2. Family
    3. Good Friends
    4. Work hard
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    2.Have a square meal
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    I think the first and most important thing to do is to make Being Happy your real life goal. Being Financially Rich, Being a Top Athlete, Looking Beautiful etc are of little real value if you're not fundamentally happy and of no value at all if you're unhappy. And if you're happy, you make people around you happy.
    I estimate that I'm genuinely happy for about 98% of my waking hours, because over the years I've consciously and unconsciously, I believe, made it my aim to be so. Therefore, I've found that I seem to have developed a way of automatically switching my mind into 'happiness mode' if I get stressed or down, although I don't really know how I do it. I appreciate that this may be the result of years of self-indulgence because when I've found myself in unhappy situations, I've got out and into something more suited to my personality or whatever e.g. changed jobs, partners, kicked bad habits etc
    But I'm often 'unhappy' or at least down first thing when I wake up and think about how little I've achieved the previous day or how much rubbish I've got to deal with in the coming day, so maybe I'm unhappy when I'm asleep!

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    Best tip for me:

    1. Be Happy
    It means that irrespectful of what the circumstances are force yourself to feel happiness as a physical sensation in the body. First it helps remembering what you felt at the moments you were really happy in life. Go deep into such memories and recover the whole complex of body sensations you had at that moment. After some practice it's quite enough just to want to feel it and there you are.

    2. Life is a play
    Remember it and know that at any moment you can change your role. There are no deadends in life, it's all our interpretation.

    3. Enjoy the process, not the result
    Someone (cannot remember who exactly) said that happiness is in moving along your way that you chose from heart. Don't ever let youself be stopped.
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    The key to happiness is not to worry about what you can not change and change what you have power to change.
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    To make happiness automatic is to live your life in harmoney by having your cored centered values reflect each other! Harmonize your life and happiness is automatic!

    Judah Swagerty,

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      having peace of mind ,is the most important
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    1. Love yourself, your family, your community and your enemy.
    2. Peaceful mind
    3. smile always
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