Four ways to avoid death by PowerPoint

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You are presenting your ideas and services to a client with your PowerPoint deck which you painstakingly designed overnight. But your client isn't sold, looks bored, and is ready to get out the moment they are presented with the opportunity. That is death by PowerPoint.

But death by PowerPoint is avoidable.

Keep text to concise bulleted points

Presentation slides aren't supposed to contain long paragraphs, or your audience will simply stop reading whatever's on the screen. Keep any ideas to single-line bullets without sacrificing the gist of your content.

Use legible fonts

And don't use cursive fonts. For good measure, it is best to apply fonts used on user interfaces because they're legible and readable. Examples include Segoe UI, Roboto, and Helvetica.

Illustrations add flair to your deck

Using illustrations make your presentations look neater and less boring. And illustrations help your audience understand the tone and content in your slide.

Always include a Q&A at the end of your presentation

I usually ask my audience to park all their in-the-middle questions, and fire away during the Q&A session which is almost always at the end of a presentation. I do that because, (1) I'm not caught off-guard when someone interrupts to ask a question and, (2) all the attention is on me and not on some dude randomly asking a question.
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