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Hey everyone, I'm David.

Little background of my newsletter;
Originating as a project of passion, D-Cubed is a free weekly personal development newsletter I share every Monday with 200+ users in 23 countries thus far. Users receive 1 thought from me, 1 quote from another, and 1 question for them in a clean and curated article really intended on driving self reflection and living a happier life overall

As of right now I've grown my list from a variety of outlets including; Twitter, Facebook groups, Facebook ads (no luck), individual forums like reddit, word of mouth, linkedin groups etc.

Im wondering if y'all have any other input on how to grow it to larger feats and reach a larger audience.
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    Hi David,

    One great source to promote personal development that has some viral growth is Pinterest. Take one of your personal thoughts or quotes from others and put it on an image that matches best to what is being shared. I have used Pixabay & Unsplash to get images to be used. You can have a link to your newsletter in the subscription.

    I've been stagnant on my motivational picture quote site along with social sharing (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter) because my efforts are elsewhere but I know Pinterest is a great source. It also has "longevity" better than other social media platforms as images I shared 3-4 years ago are still getting pinned by others along with thousands of monthly views. Open a free business account there. Look at what other similar large personal development Pinterest accounts are doing. Pin your past thoughts/quotes & then provide a link to your Pinterest account (or current picture quote) in your newsletter.

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    Originally Posted by David Wizman View Post

    Im wondering if y'all have any other input on how to grow it to larger feats and reach a larger audience.
    The "Easiest" way is at the bottom of the newsletter to ask your current readers to forward the newsletter to a friend, and include a link to your "Subscribe" page
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    Try twitter,pinterest & instagram. Have some viral way of sharing your site and make your audience engage in a contest which can get viral and make others optin more.

    Have some polls to see what they want and what is the frequency of motivation or personal development content they want in a day . Ask them open ended questions and announce some gift for participants. Have a podcaste about personal development. Give away free ebooks etc .....
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    Hi David,

    You should have left a link here too. You would won me a s a subscriber. Or you can PM me.
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    I recommend perhaps engaging with people on facebook groups that you think would find your newsletters appealing?
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