The five fundamentals of negotiation

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Negotiation is both an art and science, according to Tommy Koh of Harvard. And these five fundamentals are:
  • Master your brief.
  • Build a talented, happy, and cohesive team.
  • Build a common fact house.
  • Think outside your own box.
  • Think win-win.
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    You have introduced another interesting topic which could be discussed at length.
    However just a brief observation about you win-win point.
    Years ago I spent a week at a residential 'Effective Negotiation' course which obviously covered a lot more than just that point.
    However as part of the course we were given a number of strategies to role play and the roles were graded as either Red - confrontational / push / uncooperative or Blue - cooperative /helpful / mutually beneficial.
    Several scenarios were then played out negotiating as Red, Blue or a mix of Red and Blue.
    Win - Win with mutually beneficial outcomes (Blue or Red/Blue mix) always gave a better result than a Red or confrontational approach.
    In subsequent years I have found this to be true in nearly every negotiation I have been involved in.
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  • One thing I'd like to add:

    Try staying away from positional negotiation - instead, focus on yours and the other person's interests behind what you/they want. You might find a common solution to a negotiation where both side's interests are met, as opposed to the positions they would like to be in.
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