Want to be healthy? Don't drink water. Drink beer, eat 10 eggs w/ yolk a day & hi cholesterol foods

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Hi Warriors,

This is really fascinating. It exposes some of the common misconceptions we have about the foods we eat and other health issues:


And you might want to include it in your swipe file if you're a copywriter.

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    That was actually a very fascinating read. I've read alot about comspiracies of the pharmacutical companies but that really took the cake.
    The one thing he hadn't mentioned though is how much postive thinking affects your health. I havn't gotten sick in over two years now. Not even so much as a cold.
    Just over a month ago, I broke three ribs wiping out on my motorcycle. After xrays and a barage of tests, the one thing that baffled the doctors was that all of the tests proved I was in incredibley good health, and I was a smoker. Some tests they even did twice to be sure. After I was given the go ahead to head home, a passing nurse asked me, "How is that you're 33, lok 24 and have a healthy 19 year old's test results?" I said "Think yourself into perfect health." and walked away.
    Alot of what i've read too is that alot of doctors treat the physical symptoms of a patient where as if they simply ask the right questions, they may actualy learn that ailments are directly related to lifestyle and ability to handle said lifestyle. Treat the person and you likely treat the disease.

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    I wouldn't take this guy too seriously. He's milking an extremist
    position in order to get subscribers top his newsletter and probably
    sell them supplements.

    Some of the stuff he says/writes has merit and is worth researching
    on your own.

    It's very clever the way he validates the position of the fat guy who
    indulges in a lot of unhealthful habits. He is saying: "it's okay to pig
    out like a farm boy,"

    He goes on to bash a vegetal diet and spread misinformation about
    people who choose not to eat dead animals... permitting his
    carnivorous, gluttonous, and probably over 60 reader to feel good
    about himself and his bloated gut.

    For a price you can find an M.D. who will tell you whatever you
    wish to hear. IMO this guy is merely targeting the people for whom
    a healthy lifestyle based on exercise and dietary moderation is
    not an option - those with such deeply entrenched excessive
    eating habits for whom life would be "not worth living" without
    a pound of flesh a day. There are more of them than you might think.
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    Will this one is easy to test!!! Follow his advice for 30 days and notice how you feel!!!! Me I will stick to what I have proven to be effective in my life, plenty of raw foods (fruits and vegetables) and drinking lots of "good" water and super greens.
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    Some interesting points. good copy but certainly agree with above post. Take a 30 day approach and see how you feel living both diets.
    As for me I would not even give one of those options 5 days!
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    just do what you think is best for you

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    Wow! That guy is out there. No water in 20 years...Crazy. Your body's need for water can't be satisfied by other liquids. (although fresh juices, done at home with a juicer machine, do have some usable water content). Water is the bodies natural "Solvent", helping you break down and move impurities out of your system.

    And his statement about substituting beer for water...Let's go to the local AA meeting and see how that theory flies.

    This guy makes some pretty bold statements that I didn't see backed up with much more than his own opinion.

    My 2 cents worth, anyway...


    "I can" is much more important than I.Q.

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    The body needs water, and meat is part of the natural human diet, despite what a few extremists would have you believe.
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    I was a raw foodist for many years and rarely drank water as the food I ate had enough liquids in them to keep me hydrated. Rarely was I thisty.

    Eat half a Honeydew melon or several slices of watermelon and plenty of fluids are "drank".

    Also, the water in the food didn't need to be filtered or purified and I didn't worry about criptosporidium or flouride put in it but the gvnt for my "protection".

    Yea, Mr. Dumbass went off that program and regret it.Trending back lately.

    I do believe their are several "types" of people and some indeed do better with meat but, rarely. Probably the hardest to obtain is the "essential fatty" acids but, that too is possible without fish, just more effort.(fish IS meat)

    Funny thought because when people learned I was a vegan, the majority asked "oh, but, you can still eat fish and eggs right"? HA

    I wanted to add that I went vegan due to extreme allergic reactions to "something" in my diet.
    Countless skin patch tests didn't help to find the cause.
    I had anaphylactic shock,were the throat closes and extreme hives EVERYWHERE! Not fun!
    Cutting out ALL meat and dairy cured it within a few weeks. So, I continued for just short of 12 years.
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      The linked piece is entertainingly over the top. And there would be many, many experts who would enjoy debunking the claims made in it.

      But I do think there's an element of truth in it - particularly when it comes to the stuff about eating meat.

      I heard an eminent doc in an interview recently. He said that he's sick of hearing dieticians recommend a low fat diet. He said low fat is low protein. And when you don't have enough protein you often lack tryptophan, which is important in the formation of serotonin, linked to mood.

      He said that he thinks one of the reasons so many people are depressed nowadays is because they're all eating low fat diets. Very persuasive, I think.

      So now I make a point of eating bacon and eggs regularly. I feel so much better for it!
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