Getting your brain to focus

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Let's be honest with ourselves - we all get easily distracted one way or another. It's like our brains are hardwired to get distracted, to shift attention from one task to another. But research says that the state of our attention determines the state of our lives. Watch this TED Talk as Chris Bailey, author of the book Hyperfocus, talks about how our ability to focus is the key to productivity and creativity.

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    I absolutely LOVE Hyperfocus! Highly recommend the book.

    A few things I picked up on from the book:
    • Attentional residue - the thing you just focused on distracting you from a new task you're trying to focus on
    • When deciding on whether to do a task, pitch it to yourself and decide if it's worth your attention and time
    • We perform significantly better when we notice that our mind is wondering
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    I play music in the background

    Business Funnels -

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    So glad he mentioned he loves to KNIT to focus 11 mins in and not in the beginning.

    Learning how the computer between our ears works should be mandatory learning at young ages.
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  • Gotta figure the brain ain't stoopid.

    It always seekin' easiest way, smartest ansah.

    *That is why it THE BRAIN*

    (Case Study: When you 'invited' aboard no alien spacecraft, you should always play dead steada alive. Braino is on yr side here bcs if''n you can make it through coma, you heroic beyond probin', whatevah 'investigation strategy' they got.)

    Only problem you got is to decide what ansah you mebbe want from the default EASIEST SMARTEST settin'.

    Prolly means your poor, sweet braino gotta squirt blood from

    * Handy Princess Balestra proto-infographix List Immiment! (!) *

    * your eyes
    * your ears
    * your nose
    * your any kinda hole othah than THEM FIRST 3
    before you hit on what is worthy of your time.

    Hey, but that is when juiciliciousness don't involve no mortal woundin'.


    MY VIEW!


    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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  • Interesting stuff.
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    Amazing stuff!

    Success Has Come

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    I will check the video and i hope it will help me because i have big problem with concentration ,focus procrastination etc
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    It is really helpful, thank you for sharing! I am trying to make my brain better, and I am looking for different methods
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    This is very interesting information.

    The problem for me like most people is that I can get more done, it's just that the brain would rather focus on things that aren't as productive. As a result I end up spending more time doing things that don't make sense rather than doing the things that will push my business forward.

    Again love the content in the video!
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