** Learn To Water The Seeds Of Greatness Within You

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Are you aware that your spirit and soul contains a garden so reflective, that if sown properly it will grow beautifully for you? Are you also aware that your inner self holds a separate garden where life can't grow due to unfertile soil? Destruction can only grow here because the soil has no value.

Which seeds do you choose to water, nurture, and manifest?

The two separate gardens that I've described above are what I call your;

(1.) Divine Garden or God Nature

(2.) Evil Garden or Satanic Nature

By watering and nurturing your Divine Garden, you are manifesting the seeds of greatness that allows you to transform human life into that which was ordained for you by the Most High God.

I'm not talking about religion and it doesn't matter what religion you are. Not to say religion does not work. I believe religion can only work if you practice it properly with an open mind and a re-filled heart. But the core meaning of the word religion is... "in search of." If you are in search of something then you must be lost, like a stray dog who can't find it's way home.

How can you be lost when you're here breathing in the present moment?
You are not lost. You've just been misled! The reason why I say misled is because you have a choice to make a positive change, at any second, to live your life to serve and to receive by deserving.

This is called the miracle of labor!

In order for this transformation to properly occur, you must have the willingness to change and become aware of your actions. You have to find a calm and warm place within and find oneness with your Creator. Once you've reached this level of consciousness, you'll start to see life through your spiritual eye and not through the eyes of your physical flesh.
Let's break down these two gardens as I explain the importance of your god nature.

Divine Garden:

The seeds of greatness within your Divine Garden include honesty, integrity, love, hope, faith, happiness, bliss, joy, gratitude, responsibility, being dependable, staying optimistic, having compassion, being disciplined, being enthusiastic, and staying focused. I think you get the picture.

These seeds come in the form of our emotions and it's our emotions alone that shape our attitude and outlook on life. Once your attitude has been shaped, we manifest what we're thinking and feeling through the works of our hands and the spoken word.

If you choose to water the seeds of greatness, then you'll do the work of the righteous and develop a loving speech for human empowerment. Prosperity and purpose will blow your way like the pleasant smell of Spring captured within the winds of abundance.

By nurturing your Divine Garden, you will begin to raise the awareness of your physical, mental, and spiritual self. These are the three elements of personal development. You will obtain the true knowledge of God, realizing that having the knowledge of God is having the knowledge of Self. And you can't have one without the other! By deeply understanding that God and Self are interchangeable, you'll inherit a high level of consciousness with Divine insight.

Evil Garden:

Because you were born into sin and shaped in iniquity, you also have an evil garden or satanic nature. The seeds that lie within this garden include fear, guilt, stress, anxiety, depression, worry, doubt, ignorance, and any other seed of emotions that causes us to self destruct, leaving us alone in the dark feeling non-loved.

As stated above, since our emotions shape our attitude, if we CHOOSE to water the seeds of disaster we'll manifest these ill emotions and present our actions to both the physical and spiritual world. Causing human suffering in the form of violence, envy, poverty, famine, lust, racism, war, and hatred. You'll become like a leach sucking the life blood out of the human family. You have no love for others because you have no love for self. You've fell into the hands of evil by your own actions and decision making.

If I could leave you with one thought it would be to watch what goes into your mind. You have to become conscious of the sounds, images, and words that you deposit into your mental bank account of awareness. Begin to water the seeds of excellence and bare witness to the beautiful vegetation within your Divine Garden!
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