** LAW OF ATTRACTION & How It Works!

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The law of attraction is nothing more than Understanding Your Feelings, Manifesting and Heart Consciousness

Pay close attention as I explain...

We are emotional vibrating beings and we manifest our thoughts and bring them from the world of the unseen- into the world of form. The Law of Attraction is very real but, it's more than what we are thinking. Why? Because man can't eat from bread alone. It takes another part of us to truly manifest our thoughts and that is how we are FEELING!

Our feelings are the greatest vibration. If I think it, will I manifest it? Maybe. If I "feel" strongly about what I am thinking, will I manifest it? Absolutely!

Jesus said, "As a man thinketh in his HEART so is he." Jesus did not say, "As a man thinketh in his mind..." Why would he say "heart?" Because Jesus understood, even back then, that our feelings are the greatest emotional vibration. The heart generates the feeling and it's through our feelings that we are truly manifesting.

You see, when you don't feel good about something, the heart sends a message to the brain and the brain creates mental pictures and dialogs based off what your feeling. But it's the feeling that's the strongest vibration and it's through your feelings that you attract certain people and situations into your life.

How could this be? Well, there is an electromagnetic field that surrounds your heart and affects every cell within the body temple. This electromagnetic field also extends beyond the body for several feet. This has been proven in science with special sensitive measuring devices. Some feel, including myself, that this electromagnetic field around our heart extends out from our body for several miles.

This is where Law of Attraction comes into play. This electromagnet field attracts like energy, just as a magnet attracts to metal. Is this what the Bible meant by, "Ask and It Is Given?" Not asking with words but asking with our mind and heart based off our vibrational frequency.

The heart is the key to universal and unconditional love.

The heart is also the pipeline from the physical world into the spiritual.
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