You Are Your Biggest Obstacle

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The biggest obstacle you will ever face is yourself. It's not
some method you'll use to make money. It's not lack of tools.
It's not lack of training. It's not lack of knowledge. You can
get all of things. And you can get most of them for free.

Your biggest battle will be against yourself. Sticking it out
long after you've had enough. Getting back up after you've
fallen down. Only to fall down again. Fall down 8 times.
Then get up 9.

I'll be honest, sometimes I get tired of sitting at my computer
for hours on end. And yes, I do get away and go outside and
enjoy life. A lot, actually. But still, putting in hours and hours
a day in front of a computer can wear you out. Especially
if there is no money coming in to "prove" that all of your
efforts are worth it.

But you have to keep the faith. Even if your bank account isn't
where you want it to be. Keep on plugging away. Keep on getting
things done that move you a step closer to the life you want.

YOU are the only person who will get you the life you're after.
On the other side of the coin, YOU are the only person who will
also get in the way. The biggest battle you'll face is yourself.

To make it even harder, you may have some people (family,
friends) tell you that you're crazy for "playing online". People
may try and belittle you and your dreams. That's ok. They're
ignorant. They don't know any better. Ignore them.

You have to ignore them. If you don't, their comments and
opinions will start to weigh on you. You may even start
believing them. You may start thinking they're right. You'll
start justifying to yourself why it's crazy to try and make
money online. "Maybe they were right, maybe I should give
up". STOP IT! One of the worst things you can do is listen to
people who have no clue what they are talking about.

Let THEM think that. You know better. You are here. And believe
it or not, that is a HUGE step. For you are aware. Awareness is
everything. You're aware that there is a better way. Aware that
there are ways to work at home and make money online. Let the
others talk about your dreams as if they are just that, dreams.

Most of them are doing it out of fear anyway. A part of them
doesn't want you to succeed. Because if you do, then it will
make them take a look inside themselves and question their own
life and choices. It's easier for them to just stay in their
comfort zone.

But you're different. You know that in order to achieve the
things that you want in life, you have to leave your comfort
zone. Everything you desire is out of your comfort zone.
If it wasn't, you would already have it. Never forget that.

Embrace the discomfort. Learn to be comfortable with being

The biggest battle will be with yourself. And that's ok. Know
that there will be times when you may not want to do something.
Or times when you think "I'll get to it tomorrow."

Bulls**t. Don't kid yourself. Tomorrow may never come. And if it
does, you'll just put it off again. Be aware of the fact that
you are battling yourself. It's normal. You're human. You just
have to learn to deal with it and push forward.

Spend some extra time today and get some work done. It's 5 am
where I'm at and my bed is calling my name. But I want to get
this post done. So here I am.

Have the self discipline to shut off the TV. Instead, use that
time to get some productive work done. Today.

Stay up an extra hour. Or get up early. Use that extra time to
get more productive work done. Do whatever it is you have to do
to get some productive work done. Productive being the key word

Don't kid yourself. You know when you are wasting time and when
you are getting real work done.

The battle will never end. It will just become easier. Mine as well
get moving NOW. You will succeed, right? Of course you will! So
get started today. You just told yourself you're going to succeed
anyway. So why wait? See you at the top.

"You're where you are today because of the decisions you
made yesterday".

To bed I must go. Until next time...

-VB 007
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    I will probably print this out and read every now and then.
    Thank you!

    I should add that I have been studying your posts and I took the advice about books you suggested on some other thread. I'm amazed, now looking back, at my life realizing how miserable I had made it...

    I just don't understand why posts like this is not getting any responses... It's probably like Kennedy says... People want to hear stuff that they will like not that what they need to hear.

    The Only Way We Can Truly Heal The World Is To Heal Ourselves First

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    "Everything you desire is out of your comfort zone. If it wasn't, you would already have it. Never forget that."

    That right there says it all. Additionally as I often tell myself when getting out of my comfort zone is that I cannot expect instant results. That I must "stay the course" before I just change lanes because I am not seeing the results I am looking for within a day or two...

    Building to our dreams takes time, and unfortunately our want for things now sometimes gets in the way. Two things I think about daily are:

    "For most people success was just around the next corner -- but they never saw that because they didn't see their plans through."

    "If you cannot get over that first hurdle, no matter what the goal, how do you expect to get over the more difficult ones later?"

    These are two quotes that I live by. That and I feel so passionately about my dreams that I feel I have the WILL to succeed. At some point you just have to stop talking about it and go out and do it. I'll tell you right now sometimes that is scary as hell. I am quite young still, no family or any real commitments -- which I think makes things a bit easier to some degree.
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      yes it's a fight between you and you...and you could be your biggest obstacle but also your best resource to achieve your need to take care of you by always adopt a positive attitude and in the same time you need to put a little stress on you to take action and avoid procrastination...

      some people say if you want to achieve something to change one part of your life or your lifestyle, that's mean that you don't live the life that you want - otherwise you will just appreciate witout try to change anything...

      Then it's like a funnel, you know you will find plenty light outside - but for now you're just in the dark...the light in the funnel can only be your own light - if you get the idea - you'll see the sky...very soon...
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    You are bang on vagabond.its we, our greatest obstacles to everlasting and grand success.
    First of all we procrastinate on the most important tasks to be done.Then whenever we face a big obstacle we give up too soon and never persist.
    And the time wasting and energy sapping tasks we always do,gossiping,reading newspapers,spending more time near coffee wending machine ,infact the list can get endless. we are capable of devising novel methods to waste our time.
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    The inspiration I just needed! Thank You
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    Everything you desire is out of your comfort zone.
    If it wasn't, you would already have it.
    That's the deal. I was thinking about how my objectives pull me out of my comfort zone. Still, it get worst when your aspirations require you do things you wouldn't even think of trying, because of your fears, moral principles or beliefs.

    You need to say to yourself "just do it now", as you would say to prompt a prospect to buy your product.

    As mentioned in the OP, your biggest obstacle is you.

    Thanks for this highly inspirational post!
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