Do you believe in will power?

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When we are heading into a downwards spiral, we will often exert to using will power. But does working necessary harder lead to better results? What are you thoughts on will power? Does it work for you?
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    Will power is a state of mind, given the right circumstances and the human race can achieve anything. I use a technique called NLP it gives me all the resources i need to succeed in anything i do and yes i gave up smoking.
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    Will Power is nothing but the manifestation of self discipline. If you start slide ask your self these questions.
    1. What will I lose if I dont do these actions
    2. What will I gain
    3. If I never take action on something new what will my life be like.

    To many focus on money. Money is nothing but a mass delusion that we all accept has having value. Focus on what you want. Not the money value but what you really want.
    1. What kind of life style
    2. What would you wear
    3. Where would you live.
    4. Where would you vacation.
    Focus on these factors and I think will power will not be an issue

    I love to take something simple and make it as complicated as I can.

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