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Anyone agree?

Invest in your business today.. And reap the benefits tomorrow..

Action is the KEY
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    that is the whole point in building a business. The point is to make more and do less in the future. Too often people want the benefits before they put in the initial toil...which is hard work.
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    yes, and then duplication... build on prior successes and keep momentum going...
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      I agree. But in addition to replication, it also helps a great deal to network with those who have paved the road to success.

      You can replicate all day long if you want, but if you are not replicating what has proven to work for others, it can be a very frustrating and painful lesson, which is why I am so excited to have a mentor who understands this very concept.

      I should have done this a few years ago but am still very happy how things have finally begun to progress in the direction that I have been striving for.

      If you want to see how I (finally) started making progress in the internet marketing arena, check out BigN.com/montystewart

      This was the best decision I have ever made. No joke.
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        I've never seen a business, online or otherwise that did not require a great deal of effort on the owners behalf to get started.

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    I agree with JoshuaG - any business which is not front heavy is not based on firm foundations. You might make some quick bucks without investing any time, skill and effort but if you're in it for the long haul it's no way to start off.

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